Thursday, February 16, 2012

Woman Jailed for operating a brothel in her home

Instead of making honest people into criminals the courts maybe out to revisit outdated laws or laws that do not make any sense in today's world.
Prostitution has been since time immemorial and no law has ever stopped people from selling sexual services to those who are willing to buy.  I am not going to go into the pros and cons of such service. In this particular case, the woman claims she wanted to provide a safe place for women to do their business. I think that is a good thing. If women do not have safe houses they will be on the streets exposed to dangerous elements of the this work.
According to reports Queen's Bench Justice Deborah McCawley said she believed the woman's motives were genuine, especially since Canadian prostitution laws are very much a source of ongoing debate and controversy.
"I agree general deterrence and denunciation are considerations in this rather unusual case, however, it is complicated by the fact that the constitutional validity of the law is in question and the reasons that (the accused) asserts she chose to break the law appear to be genuine," said McCawley.
Their ought to be some rethinking about how to keep sex trade workers safe. Many of these women are mothers, working for the upkeep of their children, women who can provide better for their children doing this work than collecting income assistance.
According to the Winnipeg Free Press the woman is now living in Vancouver and is working to help sex trade workers get off the streets.
   I think it is dehumanizing for sex trade workers to be on the streets, why can't they do their business like massage parlours and other workers in these intimate contact professions.

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