Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How does it feel to retire

Will I ever know or am I one of those people who will always have to work? Today I had lunch with a friend who is retiring and leaving for Mexico. Imagine not having to get up and think about work and free to do whatever your heart desires?  Like a child does. It is true the wise woman says Once a woman twice a child. Must be sweet.
   As an immigrant woman, we sometimes do not get to put in enough time in our jobs in Canada to retire "early".  It's not that we have not put in the time, just not in one place and at a place with benefits. I've worked for about 26 years in Canada and only 12 of those years are with benefits. Besides that I had worked in my old country so I've done my time but cannot show the proper dime lol.
   I'm happy for those who have the choice. It's beautiful.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Manitoba's secret little places

The Evergreen Village
I wouldn't have known such a place exist if I was not invited to Tope and Shawn's wedding on the weekend of August 28, 2011.
The Evergreen Village is on Highway 59 South just a few kilometres from the Niverville turn off. The entrance to this hideout is  well pruned into a natural arch formed by trees in the area which leads to a wonderful park-like area which a couple of halls and a house  on the property. There are also beautiful lawn furniture and sculptures and .
Tope's wedding was outdoors and everything was perfect for the occasion. Clear blue skies, white covered chairs with big pink bows, fountain of rum punch, a heavenly decorated room where the reception was held. It was a perfect day for a perfect occasion. The bride was absolutely stunning. There were lots of exciting backdrops for photo-opportunity.
   One thing that stood out at this wedding was it diversity. There were no majority culture at this wedding. The couple were Nigerian-Canadian and Canadian Caucasian and the audience reflected Canada's diversity. It was beautiful. I wish for more weddings like these that bring nations together, families togethers and cultures together. Way to go.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Check out You-tube of Jack Layton

Jack was a good sport.


I like supporting businesses in my community because it makes me feel good to see businesses going on and providing a place for people to go and relax with a friend.

Teastory is the new kid on the block in Osborne Village. I had a sandwich and Bubble Tea there. I loved the bubble tea but can't say the same for the sandwich. I hope it is my tasted only because I hope Teastory stays around for a while.

I really think they should have more options for sandwiches rather than just waffles especially waffles made of white flour. I think I might have enjoyed it better if the sandwich was  made with whole wheat bread or wrap. I am not into waffles and to me it did not taste that great.

I love the modern decor and the friendly people behind the counter. I wish them well

Stella on Osborne

Last Sunday I stopped in at Stella's on Osborne to have a cup of coffee - take away. The cashier was extremely pleasant and upbeat. Such people are energy shots in the world and makes one feel appreciated. Thanks you. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jack Layton gone too soon

I felt it in my heart when I heard Jack Layton died. It was like I heard my brother died. My heart sank into sadness momentarily then it sparked with pride when I thought of all the things he had accomplished in one life.He was the politician we could trust and whom Canadians show that trust in the last election by returning his as political opposition to keep the Harper government in check.

He has left us with a good message of love, optimism and hope as virtues Canadian should embrace to live a happy life. Let us listen to Jack.

He has worked hard for us and he deserves his rest but rest assured he will be doing bigger tasks in the next world because he has passed with flying colours. So let us not grieve but be thankful that such a man lived among us and left us with his inspiration, his smiles and generous heart. Rest in peace, my friend, my fellow human, my leader, my brother in spirit.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This video is highly recommended
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