Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Spiritual Secrets to Overcoming Depression Written by Jafree Ozwald "We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world." ~Buddha As long as we are identified with the mind, there will always be a high and a low to life. The mind will dive into the cellar, the dungeon, the garbage bin and collect many lowly ideas about itself and the way things are. Then the mind will compensate for this valley by pushing towards to the greatest heights of joy, creativity, and positivity to become inspired by those ideas which make life look rosy. The mind acts a lot like a pendulum which swings between the tallest peak lofting in the clouds, and back into the deepest darkest valley which knows no way out. The mind does this because the soul doesn't want to miss anything, especially the hidden golden treasures that are buried in the darkest cavern of our being. We might forget that we all signed up for this amazing adventure called life, especially when we are facing a emotionally challenging experience. Painful wounding events just happen in life, such as a break up, a death, a major loss in money, health, or loss of career or our home. All of these can trigger an emotional cataclysm, catapulting every positive and wonderful idea of who we believed we were into a bottomless crevice of sadness and despair. Whatever our greatest loss has been, it's purpose was to create a depth inside us, so that we can truly appreciate the sky filled rainbow when the sun shines through again. "Pain and joy are inevitable, suffering is optional." ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith Depression occurs when the pain we should feel from our loss, is suppressed and not welcomed as just another experience in the course of life. When we push away, and push down any unpleasant feeling long enough, we create a wall which blocks the pleasant feelings from entering as well. Depression is basically caused by a deep resistance to life. It's an attempt to try and control life on a very deep level, which happens to the very best and the smartest people on this earth. It's not something we can avoid if our soul has come here to learn how to transcend one of the most challenging life experiences a human can have. The first step to getting out of this black hole going nowhere, is understanding what depression is and why it happens to us. The reason why depression continues to manifest is our unconscious resistance and avoidance to an emotional trauma from our past. This avoidance manifests in the form of being distracted, keeping perpetually busy doing this and that, which creates an even greater energy drain. If we feel we are not strong enough to deal with our pain, we may creatively compensate by turning to drugs, alcohol, TV, sex, stimulants, or food. We may say we are just enjoy life to the max by pushing every entertainment button we can find, yet deep down we can see we're avoiding the pain that we fear facing inside. Whatever we resist, persists. The stronger the resistance, the more unable we become to find peace with the experience we are trying to avoid. If this avoidance is kept up over time, it will eventually drag both the mind and heart down the path of emotional despair, hopelessness and into a deep dark depression. One of the greatest secrets to healing depression comes from investigating the goldmine of feelings that remain at the bottom of our deepest emotional abyss that has been covered by layers of addictions. Exploring the pain we have is not soooo unbearable when we know the real reason why it continues to remain there. The reason our pain never goes way is that it's naturally summoning us into our spiritual core. At the core of our innermost being is where our greatest stillness, silence and absolute healing abides. This magical core of our being is where the most profound spiritual realizations occur in one's life. When we come to realize that the greatest spiritual experience is waiting for us at the end of our darkness hour, the pain we were once avoiding suddenly becomes this greatest tantalizing mystery we can open up to explore. All of this talk about depression can get quite depressing to say the least. Yet, when we know the secrets to handling any energy depleting monster, we will be able to look at it, talk about it, and explore it all day long and not by emotionally depleted by it. One of the greatest secrets to dealing with any emotional demon is simply learning how to face it with conscious gentle kindness. When we approach it with this tactic, we can slowly pull off all the masks that it's wearing. Depression can seem to hide from us in a variety of ways, yet ultimately we are the ones hiding from it. The reason is because we don't want to revisit that wounded part of ourselves who feels attacked, scared, or simply wants to hang out with you in a safe place all day long. This wound is not trying to bring you more pain, its only trying to soften the ego so that you relax deeper into your true self and find out who you truly are. When we know this wound within is only needing more tenderness, patience and love, we aren't so quick to run the other direction and instead can meet it with a gentle curiosity. This gentle love changes everything and is the catalyst that summons in the greatest healing force that there is. If any level of depression has been pulling you down in life, just stop and ask yourself one honest question, "What is that one thing you are holding onto and cannot let go of?" Find out your most honest answer to this conundrum and you'll discover the key to relieving yourself from a future visit to the psychotherapy clinic. There is always a deeper meaning behind every challenging life experience. The bigger the experience is in life, the greater the meaning and purpose it has. The purpose of depression is always to push us deeper down beyond our mind into the spiritual aspect of ourselves. This is so that we surrender, let go of life, and truly learn how to relax into our journey home. Depression is teaching us in a backwards sort of way how to trust life, and do a complete free fall into ourselves. If we don't learn to relax in life, the negative complaining mindset will simply eat away at us, and bury a hole in our emotional body until we surrender and learn to trust in something greater than ourselves. "The secret of happiness lies in the mind's release from worldly ties." ~Buddha Another secret to dealing with depression is understanding that everyone and everything in life has a dark and light side. We wouldn't know what night was unless we had day light, and there would be no long dark tunnel unless we were carving our way through a great mountain. Facing our darkness is not the end of us, but simply the dawn of a new beginning. Once we let go and trust depression, allowing it to plummet us into the deepest core of our being, we will soon find the source of true emptiness and actually become free. This is an emptiness that is not lacking anything, it is emptiness that is free from all great and lowly ideas about who we are, and who we are not. It is the greatest void that has been avoided by the western world out of fear, thinking we could never find a way through it. The great irony here is that there was nobody home in the first place to make it through the void. Now this may seem quite confusing at first, yet the mixed bag of ideas we've clung to about who are and who we are not, are simply a mixed bag of ideas. The sum total of all the ideas we have about ourselves doesn't equate to who we are. The ideas we've become identified with is what we call our ego, and is not who we truly are. The real essence and eternal fire of awareness from our soul is what we truly are. All the ideas about who we are will come and they will go, they are not the truth of who we are. Finding out who we is the essential key to transcending depression. To start this self inquiry journey ask yourself this question. Which ideas do you most cling to and why? When you take a closer look at what ideas you cling to and start to see who is doing all the clinging, you'll discover the ego. The ego here is not really real, it has the reality and sustenance of a shadow. Does a shadow really exist, or is it merely the absence of the Light? "See the perfection in the seeming imperfection that seems to be." ~ Lester Levinson A good analogy to use is that our awareness is like sunlight, and our mind is like a microscope which zooms in on whatever our awareness is shining upon. When we get stuck in a depression, the mind is simply caught in the habit of zooming on something we don't want to look at. We may be aware that we are focusing upon something we don't want, yet don't know that we have the power to redirect the mind towards the ideas we want to think about. To take back your power simply takes practice. Just notice throughout your day, is your mind focusing on what it wants or what it doesn't want? Just notice, it's really that simple. Depression cannot continue when the mind is deeply aware of itself, and then regains the ability to focus on what it wants. This shift in focus can only occur when we know who we are, that we are the pure light of awareness. With awareness we can see when we're caught in the mind's habit of resisting feelings and thoughts, instead of focusing on the feelings and thoughts that our heart truly yearns to have. Truly finding freedom from depression and transcending the sadness habit occurs when we release all over-identification with the mind. This means we completely let go all assumptions we've made thus far about ourselves, good and bad. When we see all the ideas we've believed to be true about ourselves, we catapult our potentiality naturally into an extremely positive and empowering direction. This leap into positivity simply happens on it's own accord. When we discover the lie we've living, we naturally become joyous, excited about living life again, and feel eager to greet each new day as the great adventure it is. We explore every little thing on our inner and outer world with an open child-like curiosity. We no longer live in fear of meeting any part of ourselves, and are courageous enough to remove any masks in the way from knowing this truly alive and radiant authentic being we actually are. My invitation for you this week is to be rebellious with yourself, and take the time to question your reality and everything you've believed to be real. Use your laser like awareness to cut through to the core of all of your emotional compost, and discover the burning truth of who you actually are. When you do this, you'll find that no depression can linger inside. The fire of awareness will shine through all the shadows the mind was running from before. When you look within with compassion and curiosity, you will see that YOU are the Source of Awareness, who is all encompassing and truly beyond anything that is remotely depressing. I've put together a program that will retrain your brain within 12 weeks to become a powerful ally that works for you, and not against you. This life changing online experience is one that you can instantly download and experience immediately in the next few minutes. All that is needed is an open mind and a willingness to invest some time for yourself each day to expand your version of reality. My program will serve as a daily guide for you, that will take you deeper each day inside yourself, holding your hand along the way until you discover how powerful you truly are. It's designed to assist you in manifesting the life you've always dreamed of having. You'll receive 12 manifesting meditations on mp3 audio, and 27 super manifesting videos that cover a variety of enlightening topics ranging from how to manifest a more enlightening relationship, having financial freedom, to the bare bones basics about how manifesting works. You'll also receive my 250+ page Manifesting Manual which provides the exact steps you'll need to take to become a powerful manifesting magnet in your life! You'll also receive a 12 day money manifesting e-course and an 8 day manifesting magnet e-course. This online manifesting course may just be the greatest gift you've ever given yourself this year! Everything you need to raise your vibration and manifest the life of your dreams is found in my online Super Manifesting Program. I guarantee when you do it, it will change your life! Believe me, it's much easier to deal with life when you have this proven manifesting technology to lean on. It will give you the manifesting exercises to do so you attract everything you want in the form of money, health, love, enlightening relationships, a career you enjoy, amazing sex, peak states of energy, and how to maintain a deep spiritual connection. Whatever it is that you want in life can and will be yours, you deserve it! When you are following my proven manifesting routine for just 90 days you will feel unstoppable in your life! I know all of this sounds too good to be true, yet when you start raising your vibration and applying the ancient secrets found in my Manifesting Manual, you will feel more abundant and naturally start attracting more abundant situations and positive circumstances to you! Even after a few days you will start having soooooo much fun, that it will be hard for your life to go back to the way it was. Things truly change by simply following this inspirational program for 90 days in a row. My life is living proof that it works, and that we can manifest anything and everything our heart desires! I know this all may sound outrageous yet this manifesting material is powerful, super effective and has been changing hundreds of thousands of peoples lives around the world since the year 2000. Once you download it, it will transform your life too in the most powerful and miraculous ways! Enjoy!

Self-sustaining ecosystem

David Latimer from Surrey England experimented  with this closed ecosystem which he creyed in this bottle and did not water the plants since 1972 and here is proof it is striving on its own steam.
Very interesting. I'll try this

Here's another amazing thing

Yawning tree

Thursday, November 28, 2013

l-r: Peter Bjornson, Housing and Community Development Minister; Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, President and Vice-Chancellor, UWinnipeg; and James Allum, Education Minister announce a partnership that will see a 14-storey apartment building for students, families and individuals, go up near Portage Avenue and Memorial Boulevard by fall 2015.
l-r: Peter Bjornson, Housing and Community Development Minister; Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, President and Vice-Chancellor, UWinnipeg; and James Allum, Education Minister announce a partnership that will see a 14-storey apartment building for students, families and individuals, go up near Portage Avenue and Memorial Boulevard by fall 2015.
Premier Greg Selinger (left) and Prime Minister Stephen Harper (right) hold ribbon aloft after cutting by CentrePort Canada CEO Diane Gray on PTH 190, one of the access points to the $212 million CentrePort Canada that will connect Manitoba's inland port to the core national highway system.  The expressway will be known as CentrePort Canada Way.
Premier Greg Selinger (left) and Prime Minister Stephen Harper (right) hold ribbon aloft after cutting by CentrePort Canada CEO Diane Gray on PTH 190, one of the access points to the $212 million CentrePort Canada that will connect Manitoba's inland port to the core national highway system. The expressway will be known as CentrePort Canada Way.

Affordable Homes for manitobans

November 26, 2013


– – –
Development Brings Home Ownership Within Reach for New Canadians
A new condo building designed to meet the needs of low-income families celebrated its official opening today and was built with the support of the Government of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg, Housing and Community Development Minister Peter Bjornson and Mike Pagtakhan, councillor for Point Douglas, announced today.
“Families need a variety of housing options to meet their different needs and to fit individual financial circumstances,” Multiculturalism and Literacy Minister Flor Marcelino said at the official opening today on behalf of Minister Bjornson.  “This new building makes home ownership affordable for families that might otherwise be shut out by high prices in a competitive market.  That provides more stability for these families and strengthens the community.”
“This new vision and collaboration between the City of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba will help many Winnipeg families access quality and affordable housing,” said Councillor Pagtakhan.
The new building at 422 Ross Ave., which is a project of the Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corp., offers 10 affordable condos, all with three bedrooms.  The condos are approximately 1,000 square feet in size and already eight have been sold to low- to moderate-income first-time homebuyers.
Construction cost about $2.1 million.  The Manitoba government invested $828,000 through the HOMEWorks! initiative.  The City of Winnipeg provided $177,995 toward the project.  The balance will be bridge-financed through Winnipeg Housing Rehabilitation Corporation (WHRC) until the condominiums are sold.  WHRC will manage the property.
Five of the condos are visitable units at ground level, with no step entrances, 36-inch wide doorways, accessible washrooms and small, fenced back-yard patios.  The other five condominiums are two-storey units with private balconies and ground-level main entrances.
Over the next three years, the Manitoba government will invest $100 million annually to restore and redevelop housing units in its portfolio.  An additional $34 million will be dedicated annually to repair existing stock and provide quality home environments for tenants.
Manitoba will also build 500 more social housing units and 500 more affordable rental units over the next three years.  This is in addition to the 1,500 social housing and 1,500 affordable housing units that are on schedule for 2014.  These investments to build more affordable housing are in addition to increased benefits for employment income assistance recipients and other low-income Manitobans announced in Budget 2013 through an annual increase of $6.3 million in RentAid shelter benefits.
Through Manitoba’s housing strategy, HOMEWorks!, the Province of Manitoba and Government of Canada are contributing $378 million over two years for housing initiatives in Winnipeg and across the province.  More information about HOMEWorks! is available at
- 30 -

Improvement in Medical Care in Manitoba

November 27, 2013 ALL MANITOBA'S NEWEST PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS TO PROVIDE CARE WITHIN THE PROVINCE: MINISTER SELBY All 12 physician assistants graduating this year have accepted positions within the province, ensuring their skills and expertise will benefit Manitobans seeking care, Health Minister Erin Selby announced today to mark Physician Assistant Day in the province. “Physician assistants are providing capable and compassionate care across the province and we are extremely pleased to see this profession grow in Manitoba,” said Minister Selby. “Manitoba has led the country in training physician assistants, recognizing the important role they play in making health care more timely and accessible, and this is great news for Manitoba families.” New physician assistant positions were created in priority areas of the health-care system to ensure graduates are working where they are needed most. Seven of the new positions are in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority in the primary care, emergency and cardiac departments. The other graduates will be working in: •the Interlake Eastern Regional Health Authority -two positions in Selkirk’s emergency department; •the Northern Regional Health Authority -one position in the emergency department in Thompson; •the Prairie Mountain Health region -one position in the surgery department in Brandon; and •the Southern Health – Santé Sud region -one position in primary care in Winkler. “Physician Assistant Day is a great opportunity to highlight a very successful health-care initiative where Manitoba has led the country,” said Chris Rhule, president of the Canadian Association of Physician Assistants and a practising physician assistant in Winnipeg. “Physician assistants are an integral part of the 2015 promise and are working in the system to improve access to care and ensure system efficiencies.” There are currently physician assistants working in every regional health authority in a variety of health-care settings including emergency departments, surgery, medical rehabilitation, family medicine and mental-health services. Working collaboratively with a physician, they conduct patient exams, order diagnostic tests, undertake minor procedures, and prescribe needed medications and treatments. “I am thrilled we have successfully trained and retained 12 physician assistants to continue their work in Manitoba,” said Dr. Brian Postl, dean of medicine at the University of Manitoba. “These newly graduated physician assistants will provide much-needed care and attention to families in every corner of our province.” The minister noted this program was the first of its kind in Canada when it was established in 2008. Since then, 46 people have graduated from the Physician Assistant Education Program. More than 87 per cent of graduates continue to provide care in Manitoba. “Being a physician assistant means I can work collaboratively with the surgeons, nurses, patients and their families to have a positive impact on their care and make a difference,” said Jeff Harnden, a recent physician assistant graduate working in the surgery program at the Brandon Regional Health Centre in the Prairie Mountain Health region. “I’m excited to start my career here in Manitoba by working in a rural region where I can help people get the care they need.” In 2009, Manitoba became the first province in Canada to put legislation in place that allowed physician assistant students to become associate members of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba. This gives students the opportunity to provide care to patients and support to other health-care practitioners and physicians, while also being governed by the high standards of medical professionalism required by the college, the minister said. Increasing the number of physician assistants is part of the province’s strategy to improve Manitobans’ access to primary health-care services including a commitment to have access to a family doctor for all Manitobans who want one by 2015. - 30 -

Upcoming Event - Sunrise Memorial Ceremony December 6

The Manitoba Women’s Advisory Council invites you to attend its annual Sunrise Memorial to commemorate Canada’s National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. This memorial will be an opportunity to join with others across the country to take action and confront all forms of violence against girls and women, and to remember women who have died as a result of violence. • Event is 8:00 a.m. Friday, December 6, 2013 at the Manitoba Legislative Building. • Refreshments will follow. • RSVP by Monday, December 2 — call 204-945-6281 in Winnipeg; toll free 1-800-263-0234 or email This year, we are collecting new, unwrapped toys for families of missing and murdered women. Contributions are welcome.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Manitoba extends generosity to typhoon ravaged Philippine

November 9, 2013 PROVINCES PLEDGES $100,000 IN RESPONSE TO TYPHOON HAIYAN Premier Greg Selinger today pledged support on behalf of the Province of Manitoba to the people of the Philippines affected by Typhoon Haiyan. “The lives of thousands of families have been forever changed by what is being called one of the most powerful typhoons to ever hit landfall,” the premier said. “Our thoughts are with those families today as they face such unimaginable loss and devastation.” The Red Cross estimates Typhoon Haiyan has killed at least 1,000 and displaced hundreds of thousands more. Selinger pledged $100,000 in support to the Manitoba Council for International Co-operation (MCIC), which will ensure the funding will be used for aid and reconstruction in the Philippines. The premier made the commitment following a meeting with Junever Mahilum-West, consul general of the Philippines, Friday afternoon. Manitoba is home base for a number of organizations that do relief and development work overseas. The province has developed a unique arrangement that funds these organizations through the MCIC. It is an independent coalition of development organizations that oversees the distribution of aid and development funding. It works with member organizations to identify on-the-ground needs and acts to ensure assistance is distributed fairly and where it can provide the most benefit. - 30 -

Ashes of Cremated loved ones can be scattered on Crown Property

November 9, 2013 FAMILIES NOW HAVE CLEAR RIGHT TO SCATTER CREMATED REMAINS OF LOVED ONES ON PROVINCIAL LANDS, WATERWAYS – – – Manitoba Government Clarifies Policy to Ensure Families Can Fulfil Last Wishes, Follow Religious Customs: Premier Families that wish to honour the last wishes of a loved one or follow cherished cultural or religious traditions now have the clear right to scatter the cremated remains of loved ones on Crown lands and waterways in Manitoba, Premier Greg Selinger said today. “Thanks to the work of my colleague, Mohinder Saran, the MLA for Maples, the Manitoba government has clarified the rules surrounding the scattering of cremated human remains,” the premier said. “Families can rest assured they have the right to scatter cremated remains on lands and waterways owned by the province.” In May of this year, Saran introduced a motion in the legislative assembly noting that cremated remains may be easily scattered on Crown lands and waterways in other provinces, but there was no clear policy for Manitoba families. This is especially important for Manitoba’s growing immigrant communities and inspired the provincial government to clarify the policy, said the premier. Under the policy, human remains that have been properly cremated may be scattered on unoccupied provincial government-owned Crown land or water, including provincial parks, without official government approval. Care must be taken to ensure that cremated remains are not scattered near drinking water or recreational water activities, such as swimming areas. “While it was never against the law, families were uncertain about their rights at a time when they were mourning the loss of loved one,” Saran said. “Now they can be true to their cultural and spiritual heritage and honour their deceased family members without worrying whether they are breaking the law.” Manitobans are encouraged to consult a licensed funeral director about cremation options and the acceptable practices of handling human cremated remains. Options include: •buying a compartment (niche) in a cemetery columbarium; •buying a cemetery plot for burial of the remains; •scattering the remains in a cemetery with the cemetery operator’s approval; •scattering the remains on private land with the landowner’s permission; and •scattering the remains on unoccupied, provincial government-owned Crown land or water (including provincial parks) with no need for government consent. The new policy only applies to provincially owned lands and waterways. Manitobans wishing to scatter ashes on municipal land or water should first consult their local governments. - 30 -

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mangoes suck in our supermarkets

If you are craving mangoes, I have to tell you it is not a good time to buy.  The stores are filled with forced ripe mangoes. Tonight I bought a mango at Price Choppers at Stafford and Pembina and it was horrible. It looked delicious on the outside but when you cut it it is black and stringy like hell.
I warned the clerk that  will be taking it back.

I was assured they'd exchange or refund. 
'The mangoes are quite expensive  almost two dollars. This is ridiculous. Avoid the stuff until maybe closer to Christmas.  Make sure to return bad good - it is the only way for the suppliers to learn the less.

When you get mangoes like this it is because the farmers picked them green and forced them to soften and appear ripe.  This is just meant to dupe customers who do not know these things.

This is not right.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Crafty idea of turning pop bottles into peguins and stuff

~~***Soda Bottle Penguins***~~

You just need:

Soda bottle
White acrylic paint and black and other color (for the hat)
Strips of cloth for the neck scarves
A pompom or ball of yarn for the hat

Picture taken from FB - don't know the owner but this is good stuff they wanted to share

Let's remember the goal is to end war

Check out this video

If we take the time to see people, we can sometimes see there humanity even under a pile of stuff but the stuff was taken off of this guy and from a dishevelled homeless guy and bright, handsome and beautiful soul appeared. You'll like this one