Monday, October 10, 2016

Of the Clinton-Trump Debate

" ....and yet I feel tonight as if we have been hijacked into an alternate universe. This national nightmare will end one way or another and we will awaken to the same world from which we have been so disengaged."
Dan Rather, respected journalist

Monday, October 03, 2016

Nominate someone for the Lieutenant Governor's Award

September 2016




Do you know someone who should be recognized for exceptional leadership contribution to the public sector in Manitoba? If you do, the Manitoba Region of the Institute for Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) asks you to submit that person’s name for the 2016 Lieutenant Governor's Medal for Excellence in Public Administration in Manitoba.
Nominations can be made up to 4:00 p.m. November 4, 2016. Below are some guidelines on making a nomination.

What is the Award?

This award recognizes the exceptional achievement of a person who has shown distinctive leadership in public administration in Manitoba or who, by writings or other endeavours, has made a significant contribution in the field of public administration in Manitoba. It pays tribute to public sector practitioners whose careers exhibit the highest standard of excellence, dedication, and accomplishment. The award seeks to provide recognition on an outstanding individual and to underscore the need for creative, highly skilled individuals in the public sector. The award is granted on the basis of outstanding contributions on a sustained basis rather than as a result of any single exceptional public service deed.

At a special ceremony, the recipient is presented by the Lieutenant Governor with a specially engraved medal and a framed certificate. Their award is publicized on our website and the recipient also receives a year’s membership in IPAC.
Who is eligible to receive the Award?

Eligibility for the award generally includes any individual eligible for membership in IPAC. This includes anyone with a focus on public sector management or public policy, including (but not limited to) individuals employed or formerly employed by community, municipal, provincial and/or federal governments, government agencies, armed forces, universities, colleges and school boards, hospitals and other service organizations.

Persons who have been elected to political office at the federal, provincial or municipal level are not eligible while holding office. Members of the national or local executive of IPAC are not eligible to receive the award during their tenure. 2

How will the nomination be assessed?

Nominations should help the selection committee understand the individual’s accomplishments by providing evidence of the following criteria as they relate to the individual:

 Leadership and exceptional contribution through time

 Improving the quality of public service in her/his sphere of activity

 Demonstrating and communicating public service values and ethics

 Impact on others – employees, students, peers, organizations and community

 Innovation or effective management of leading edge policy and programs
What needs to be included in a nomination?

Nominations may be in French or English, must be typewritten and electronically submitted as follows:
Nomination Letter: a cover letter by the nominator stating name, address, telephone number(s), title and organization of both the nominee and nominator(s);

References: name, address, telephone number(s), titles and organization of three references who can evaluate the nominee's performance in the public sector.

Letters of support: from references are encouraged since they can give a fuller perspective on the individual's contribution to the public sector and/or the broader community;

Accomplishments: a narrative (double spaced) up to four pages in length explaining the basis for the nomination; if a biography or CV is readily available, please attach.

Nominations stand for three years, thus nominations received for the 2016 award will be considered for the 2017 and 2018 awards. The medal will not be awarded in any year in which, in the opinion of the selection committee, a worthy nomination has not been received.
Who can file a nomination?

Nominations may be submitted by any person or persons who wish to prepare a package. Nominations will be assessed on the strength of the nominee and the supporting documentation.
When will the award be presented?

A date for this year’s ceremony has not yet been confirmed, but will likely be early in the new year.
Nominations or requests for further information should be directed to:

Dina Juras, Chairperson

Award Selection Committee
Telephone: 204-594-8100; E-mail: