Thursday, April 02, 2015

What's up with Senators and MPs getting a wage hike!

The privileged Senators and MPs got a raise but where's the raise for the rest of us. Everything is going up except wages for the common person.  This does not appear to be right or just.  It is true they say those who have will get and those who don't get didly squat.

Racist Bullies

Winnipeg does have its share of ignorant people but the majority of Winnipeggers are caring  people who would not go out of their way to be mean to others and to do what the creator of the Facebook page that was set up to intentionally assault the dignity of our First Nations people.  Obviously the Creator of the page and those who liked that sort of them are those people who are suffering from the lack of love and self respect. One cannot give away what one does not have and in a way "pity the fools" for they need our compassion too.
   I stand by Winnipeg as being a culturally rich and dynamic city where people mingle freely and have a general spirit of camaraderie.  This does not mean that we do not have our problems but which city of town or village does not have problems with bigotry.  Let us build on our strengths rather than waste precious time with those who do not know better. Forgive them Lord.