Friday, January 30, 2015

Chance to move your body for a good cause

Arthritis anyone?.

Winnipeg is not the most racist city in Canada

Winnipeg is my hometown.  It;s the birthplace of Folklorama.  It`s one of the most diverse cities in the world. It represents true multiculturalism.  One cannot live in Winnipeg without being with other races, everyone is everywhere and I feel at home here.  I was not born here.  Yes, like everywhere else there are issues of bigotry, systematic racism and discrimination and sexism. It`s like Justice Sinclair said, these negative behaviours took a lot time to develop and it will take time to end but but unity and acceptance begin with each of us, start in our hearts. My advice is not to try to abolish these attitudes because by doing so you are giving energy to that which you are trying to change. Instead, start adopting positive behaviours and mindset towards each other.  Here are some things you can do
- go out of your way to speak to those you are afraid of
- smile at a random person who is different
- offer to volunteer with people you least know
- become friends with people who are different and go out to have coffee with them
You will find that the more positive qualities you develop the ones you do not want will naturally fall away. As the saying goes where attention goes energy flows.
I love Winnipeg.

It`s a miracle