Friday, July 22, 2011

Immigrant Success Stories

A Winnipeg Somali immigrant is responsible for bringing some 94 members of his family to Winnipeg. This is very nice. With this kind of support it will help the newcomers to settle easier and also they probably will use the system less as there is enough help around to get them through the hard times.
It is commendable that an individual or individuals would be committed to seeing the family members they left behind find a safe harbour as well. Many sometimes forget those they leave behind as they try to grapple with life in the new country.
    I wish the family well

Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Canada Day

Canadians have opened their hearts to the young royal couple and more people that ever packed Parliament Hill to get in their presence even if they could not see a thing.  I am sure some of that love for William comes from the love Canadians had for their mother. He is quite the dish himself and I think has done a good job representing the Queen his proud Granny. Take a look if you missed the event. I am sure we will see the same clips adnauseum for the next month or so.