Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What's Up with this Pervasiveness of Crime
Over the past few weeks the crimes in ordinarily safe places have caused us to pause and take a look at what is happening? Is this a trend, copycat or people have just gone mad. Several schools have become crime scenes with serious casualties and death of innocent children.
We ask ourselves what is happening. How can someone be so cruel to a child, who has done nothing to aggravate that person? This is just random acts of violence. But what triggers this violence? What role does our society play in these schizophrenic behaviors where one day someone seems okay and the next he is a killer.
The young man who walked into a school in Montreal and shot anyone in sight killing one female and injuring others, was not recognized as unstable by his family and friends.
The two others in the United States including the most recent man on an Amish reserve who killed those girls are all alarming to our sensibilities.
Are people this heartlessly violent or are we ingesting too many foreign chemicals that our bodies cannot cope with efficiently.
I know that in North America many people on medication for mental illness do not remember to take their medications as prescribed and sometimes can hallucinate and cause problems for others. Many of these higher functioning people with mental disabilities live on their own and therefore have responsibility to take their medication.
My personal belief is that when people commit these heinous crimes, they are not well. I believe in the goodness of people, and these extreme criminal behaviors are aberrations of our nature. These are the things society cannot protect us from.
We may be looking at the school and thinking what could have been done to save those children. I would say nothing. It is just the luck of the draw, like when your numbers come up in lottery and you win a big prize.
For the religious among us, it is being always prepared to account for your life on earth; being always ready for this day to be your last. Life can be random.
Killing Innocent School Children?