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Political Times - Ethnic Distinctions, No Longer So Distinctive -

This is a sign of the time, a good time when all the nonsense about focusing on ethnicities and differences that intends to keep us separate and apart may become something of the past. It is hoped that this is a sign that we are moving towards a mindset which sees the earth as one country and mankind its citizens. We are indeed like flowers of one garden and leaves of one tree. Let us start focusing on internal qualities and how these express themselves to make us better human beings.s
Political Times - Ethnic Distinctions, No Longer So Distinctive -

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

There is progress is the fight to eliminate cancer in the Province

June 29, 2010


– – –

Improved Screening, Treatment, Preventive Measures Show Positive Results Three Years Into Five-year Initiative

Manitoba has made marked progress in the fight against cancer with improved screening, expanded treatment services and more preventive measures three years into a five-year strategy, Health Minister Theresa Oswald announced today.

“I’m very pleased to see the substantial progress that has been made in the fight against cancer through our strategic investments and co-ordinated efforts,” said Oswald. “We are definitely on track with our provincial strategy but we have to sustain these efforts if we are to significantly reduce the burden of cancer among Manitobans.”

Launched by the province in June 2007, Cancer Services in Manitoba: A Strategic Framework is a roadmap to guide investments and planning to aggressively address cancer on multiple fronts. It outlines three priorities: improving cancer prevention, detecting cancer earlier, and enhancing treatment and improving care. Since the release of the cancer strategy, over $60 million has been invested in these critical areas, the minister said.

“With the release today of CancerCare Manitoba’s community health assessment, this is an excellent time to assess the progress of our five-year strategy and make sure we’re on the right track,” she said. “CancerCare’s assessment not only examines how the system works, it also measures patient outcomes, which is the ultimate measure of success.”

Provincially funded, CancerCare Manitoba is the province’s lead organization for cancer prevention, screening and detection, treatment, research and education.

“Documents such as Manitoba Health’s strategic framework are important for building a framework to guide us as to where we need to go. We applaud the minister for the investments that have been made including the $42 million for radiation therapy. These are important steps in the right direction,” said Dr. Dhali Dhaliwal, president and CEO of CancerCare Manitoba. “Now with the community health assessment, we have evidence-based data which will continue to guide us and allow us to set the stage for future action and investments for cancer services for Manitobans.”

The strategic framework was built on existing strengths and partnerships, particularly with CancerCare Manitoba and the regional health authorities, who have co-ordinated efforts across the province to reduce new cancer cases, improve access to services and increase system capacity, the minister said. A co-ordinated effort helps to support and sustain investments more efficiently in all areas of treatment and prevention, she added.

Manitobans are encouraged to incorporate healthy choices and practices into their everyday lives. This would include good nutrition, regular physical activity, not smoking and reducing sun exposure. Research shows that more than 50 per cent of cancers could be prevented through lifestyle changes.

For more details on the strategic framework, please refer to:

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Canada to limit immigration of skilled immigrants | Canada Updates

Canada to limit immigration of skilled immigrants Canada Updates

Scientists invent first male contraceptive pill « The European Observer

Scientists invent first male contraceptive pill « The European Observer

We need to be candid about immigration « The European Observer

We need to be candid about immigration « The European Observer

CBC News - Consumer Life - Canada looks for immigrants with skills, money

Do you have money and or skills, welcome to Canada.

CBC News - Consumer Life - Canada looks for immigrants with skills, money

The Rules of Low-Glycemic Eating -

The Rules of Low-Glycemic Eating -

Learning to Live Week 1 - Being Honest with Yourself -

Take Oprah's free course and get to know yourself a little better. Can't hurt
Learning to Live Week 1 - Being Honest with Yourself -

BBC News - New Indian brides abandoned by British Asian husbands

BBC News - New Indian brides abandoned by British Asian husbands

CBC News - Health - Treat child refugee health issues on arrival: study

Refugee children's health need immediate attention on arrival. Most of the health needs are basic and can be met by a multidisciplinary team.
CBC News - Health - Treat child refugee health issues on arrival: study

Why God Doesn’t Listen To Your Prayers « SpeakEasy

This is interesting and thought provoking. If you are firm in your faith you would have no problem reading this but if you are weak in your faith you may be afraid this article may influence you negatively.
Why God Doesn’t Listen To Your Prayers « SpeakEasy

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South African doctor invents female condoms with 'teeth' to fight rape -

Rape shield? Will that stop men? Will they first have to manually check women to see if they were wearing a condom and if they can't penetrate one way will then focus on other cavities of the woman. Some men are like animals and worse they will try anything to feel better about themselves, but this is a good start, let's keep working on showing women how they could protect themselves and not be a victim - women need to be taught self-defense as a mandatory requirement for coming of age. Girls should be tauch as young ans possible what they can do to protect.
South African doctor invents female condoms with 'teeth' to fight rape -

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ode to bohemia should fill crowds with glee - Winnipeg Free Press

Check out rent with its bevy of local stars who are cast in this production. The Free Press gives the musical four out of five. Perhaps it may rise to 5 out of 5 by the last day of show. The reviewers offers a lot of constructive criticism to each of the performers and if they they take the criticisms to heart then they would increase their rating. An important criticism is for the Band to lower its volume. It's not about the background music but the singers.
Good luck with the show and to all the performers.

Ode to Bohemia should fill crowds with glee - Winnipeg Free Press

Fast Food cutting corners on public health - Tim Hortons and Prairie Tall Grass

I am getting tired of going in to some of these fast food places, in particular I have gone to Tim Hortons and Prairie Tall Grass (at the forks) to purchase coffee and muffins. The same person making the change is the person handling the food that is being served to me. They take a piece of paper to hold the muffic but if they have to put the muffin in a bag they use their same dirty hands to open out the bags and then put the muffins or whatever in.
    Aren't there standards that these food places have to adhere to?  It is disgusting to watch and people passively accept this nonsense.  I had to stop a Tim Horton salesperson (at Grant Park) from touching my muffin after she had made change for the customer before me and without washing her hand or anything appropaching my muffin. She then called another worker who was wearing a gloves to get my muffins.

I think that servers who  double as cashier ought to have soapy water nearby or gloves. It is not right nor healthy to be touching food, pushing their dirty hands in brown paper bags and then throw your food in there.
It's unhealthy.

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Strawberries Can Give You Cancer? Poison Gases Being Used to Grow Crops « SpeakEasy

Are your strawberries safe to eat?

Strawberries Can Give You Cancer? Poison Gases Being Used to Grow Crops « SpeakEasy

Where To Find Really Healthy Eggs and Poultry (It's Not at Whole Foods) | | AlterNet

Differences in labelling - labelling to confuse you think you're getting one thing when it is something else.

Where To Find Really Healthy Eggs and Poultry (It's Not at Whole Foods) AlterNet
June 22, 2010


– – –

Multiculturism Shaped Province as Immigrants Forged New Lives: Marcelino, Howard

In celebration of Canadian Multiculturalism Day on June 27, Culture, Heritage and Tourism Minister Flor Marcelino and Labour and Immigration Minister Jennifer Howard today launched the first part of a three-part publication entitled Ethnicity Series - a Demographic Portrait of Manitoba.

“Throughout history, generations of immigrants have arrived in Manitoba to forge a new life,” said Marcelino. “Multiculturalism is alive and celebrated in our communities as new immigrants and a large number of Manitoba-born residents continue to identify with their ethnic origins and contribute to our province’s rich multicultural mosaic.”

“This series of publications helps to capture the essence of Manitoba’s diversity by outlining current trends in Manitoba’s regions as well as Winnipeg’s community areas,” said Howard. “By having more detailed information about the makeup of Manitoba’s communities, service providers and agencies we will be in a better position to plan and target their activities.”

The three-part series provides readers with Manitoba-specific demographic information:

· Volume 1 presents the population by country of birth. It focuses on the foreign-born population and its recent regional distribution across Manitoba and Winnipeg.

· Volume 2, to be released later this year, will present the mother tongues of Manitobans.

· Volume 3 will provide details about visible minority groups in Manitoba and will show census responses about ethnic origins of Manitobans.

This unique series is the first of its kind in Manitoba. Copies of the publication will be available online on the Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism website at and the Manitoba Labour and Immigration website at

RCMP introduces Cultural Diversity Officer - Community News Blog

Manitoba's cultural diversity and growing ethnic population have forced public institutions to create a more culturally sensitive service and in this regard it is heartening to see RCMP has moved to create, even though a temporary position to service the needs of the visible minority population. Corp. David
According to the article in the Steinbach News  "Corporal David Ogungbemi, an RCMP member with 17 years of service, will assume his new role as the RCMP liaison officer for visible minority groups. Based at “D” Division headquarters in Winnipeg, Cpl. Ogungbemi will travel to rural and urban Manitoba communities served by the RCMP to hear the concerns and suggestions of visible minority community members and service providers, and to work closely with them to improve police services."

RCMP introduces Cultural Diversity Officer - Community News Blog

Friday, June 18, 2010

BBC News - Indian community torn apart by 'honour killings'

This Indian practice has far-reaching effect and must be understand by Canadians.

BBC News - Indian community torn apart by 'honour killings'

Manitoba Government gets tougher on Crime

June 17, 2010

– – –

More Officers, Prosecutors and Jail Space, New Police Helicopter, Tougher Laws, More Preventive Measures Help Increase Safety in Manitoba Neighbourhoods: Blaikie

The province continued to unveil its tough-on-crime agenda in the fourth session of the 39th legislature, giving crime fighters more tools to do their jobs effectively, increasing accountability of those who break the law and introducing measures to keep youth out of gangs, government house leader Bill Blaikie said today.

“We launched this session with Budget 2010, which introduced a five-year plan to create jobs and grow the economy while at the same time continued to invest in front-line services in health care, education and training, supports for families and policing,” Blaikie said today.

All parties agreed the house will resume sitting on Nov. 16.

Blaikie said among the important anti-crime initiatives launched during the spring sitting were:

· providing funding for 10 new police officers for the Winnipeg Police Service;

· providing funding for a new Winnipeg city police helicopter including three additional officers for the Aerial Support Unit;

· providing funding to help the city hire 30 police cadets this year, increasing to 50 cadets in 2011-12;

· eliminating the need for justice officials to repeatedly prove gangs are criminal organizations in cases involving prostitution and drug houses and making it easier to seize property that is the proceeds of crime;

· giving justice officials the ability to take court action when businesses are used as fronts for organized crime;

· expanding The Pas Correctional Centre to add 40 new minimum- to low-medium security spaces, bringing capacity to 122 inmates;

· adding 64 spaces to the Milner Ridge Correctional Centre, bringing the total ideal capacity to 364 inmates:

· helping incarcerated youth get back on track with increased funding to support academic programming in youth correctional facilities;

· increasing fines for underage drinking and for those who contribute to underage drinking; and

· launching the second phase of the Stop Sex With Kids Campaign to mobilize Manitobans to do their part to protect children.

Among the economic initiatives launched this sitting were:

· enhancing and extending by 10 years a significant power purchase agreement worth close to $3 billion between Manitoba Hydro and Xcel Energy of Minneapolis;

· partnering with the Government of Canada to assist producers in the northern Interlake region who were adversely affected by excess moisture conditions in 2008 and 2009 with more than $2.5 million under the AgriRecovery program;

· signing a co-operation agreement between CentrePort Canada and Cuntan Bonded Port Zone in Chongqing, China, which will help Manitoba continue to build its trading relationship with China and further enhance the province’s strategic position along the Asia-Pacific Gateway;

· supplying bridge financing to help build a new publicly funded stadium for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers at the University of Manitoba;

· strengthening Manitoba’s workforce with apprenticeships by investing $2 million to create more than 600 apprenticeship seats and promoting skill development and expanding tax credits that make it easier for businesses to hire students;

· launching the Premier’s Advisory Council on Education, Poverty and Citizenship with a mandate to find the best ways to ensure more Manitobans complete education and training that leads to jobs and economic opportunity for themselves and their families;

· investing up to $19 million more for eight new child-care centres, 650 more spaces, the phasing in of a centralized online child-care wait list and a child-care workers pension plan for a stronger workforce;

· committing $950 million this year to fighting poverty and promoting opportunities for low-income Manitobans including more than 30 new initiatives and program enhancements with a focus on affordable housing and getting Manitobans off welfare and into good jobs;

· launching a new three-year program that will provide up to $20 million to spur further downtown residential development and provide the option of affordable urban lifestyles to more Winnipeggers;

· investing almost $60 million to create 400 additional social-housing units as part of the Manitoba government’s commitment to create 1,500 units in the province during the next five years; and

· investing $47 million to kick off the first major construction phase of Project Domino, a capital redevelopment project that begins with the construction of a 360-room residence for students at the University of Manitoba.

Among the important health initiatives during this sitting were:

· Transitioning the practical nursing program at Assiniboine Community College to a diploma from a certificate in recognition of their higher skills.

· Hiring 498 more nurses this year compared with last year, which is the province’s largest-recorded annual increase. The number of practising Manitoba nurses has climbed every year since 2000, to 16,624 in 2009 from 14,092 in 2000, a net increase of 2,532.

· Purchasing a $3.7-million air-ambulance jet and investing an additional $6 million in aviation and medical modifications to the plane, to provide life-saving support and transportation to Manitobans when they need it most.

· Investing more than $1.7 million in suicide-prevention initiatives as part of an $8-million commitment to reducing youth suicides.

· Making it mandatory to report suspected or potential physical, sexual, mental, emotional or financial abuse of a patient in a geriatric day hospital, an emergency department or an urgent-care centre of a health facility.

· Improving patient access rights and privacy standards by helping Manitobans understand how to access their personal health information and how it is shared with others, creating a stronger culture of patient care and safety in the health-care system.

· Outfitting all ambulances in the province with automated vehicle location (AVL) units, a $550,000 investment to improve central dispatching, support timely patient care and ensure the safe operation and maintenance of these vehicles.

Among the initiatives that will help families and individuals are:

· a five-year strategy called Let’s Make a Better Deal that includes new protections when buying homes, cars or doing repairs and renovations on a home; and

· pension rules with improved security, flexibility and greater transparency to give Manitobans one of the strongest pension systems in Canada.

Among the initiatives that will benefit the environment are:

· committing $10 million for a fund to protect more than 40,000 square kilometres of boreal forest on the east side of Lake Winnipeg through the Pimachiowin Aki World Heritage Fund Act;

· beginning construction of a 138-megawatt wind farm near St. Joseph following the successful negotiation of a 27-year power purchase agreement between Manitoba Hydro and Pattern Energy;

· supporting a pilot project in Brandon that would see curb-side organic waste pickup for composting instead of sending it to a landfill; and

· taking the first steps to planting more than two million tree seedlings this summer as part of the 2010 Trees For Tomorrow program.

Other important initiatives included:

· securing the future of the historic and culturally important Upper Fort Garry site through the Upper Fort Garry Heritage Provincial Park Act and investing $2.5 million to help acquire the land;

· investing $3.12 million for a one-year service maintenance agreement with Greyhound to ensure passenger bus service remains active in Manitoba until a long-term solution is found;

· ensuring that Manitoba continues to offer some of the most affordable, accessible and high-quality post-secondary education in the country by introducing a new student grant, improving Manitoba’s bursaries and providing earlier access to the province’s tuition rebate program, putting an extra estimated $7.5 million back into students’ pockets annually; and

· introducing legislation to recognize Cree, Dakota, Dene, Inuktitut, Michif, Ojibway and Oji-Cree as the Aboriginal languages of Manitoba in the first step toward preserving and promoting the province’s proud Indigenous language heritage for the benefit of future generations.

- 30 -

145th Anniversary of Juneteenth: Don't Forget the Horror of Slavery

Happy Juneteeth, may slavery never happen again and may we all fight slavery in any shape or form wherever it exists on the planet

145th Anniversary of Juneteenth: Don't Forget the Horror of Slavery

AlterNet: The Red Bull Scam -- Why Are So Many People Buying Into Its Deceptive 'Energy-Giving' Marketing?

Are you being scammed?

AlterNet: The Red Bull Scam -- Why Are So Many People Buying Into Its Deceptive 'Energy-Giving' Marketing?

The Bad, the Bold and the Bogus: Food Industry Health Claims to Watch Out For | | AlterNet

Here is an article that exposes some of the food industry's ways of hoodwinking the public into buying expensive foods in the hope that it will do something for which there is no scientific basis but we pay through the nose.

Read this article it may save you some cash in the end.

The Bad, the Bold and the Bogus: Food Industry Health Claims to Watch Out For AlterNet

Find your calm

Here are some techniques to meditate and keep your balance. Check it out
Find your calm

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The 5 Levels of Manifesting | FinerMinds

The 5 Levels of Manifesting FinerMinds

Parties reach deal that could block Homolka from getting pardon

Thanks to the government of Canada for blocking Karla Homolka attempt to get more freedom. There is something wrong with this picture. A killer, rapist, torturer of this type should never have been allowed to parent a child nor any sort of freedom. These people do not change. I pity the child and hope that he did not inherit any of her evil.
Parties reach deal that could block Homolka from getting pardon

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

How Do Stereotypes Affect Us?

Here is an insightful article on Diversity and how it affects us. Check it out
How Do Stereotypes Affect Us?


More Than 13,500 People Chose to Settle in Manitoba in 2009 Under Province's Immigration Initiative: Selinger
The province’s successful immigration program has attracted the highest number of new Manitobans since the start of modern record keeping in 1946, Premier Greg Selinger announced today.

“Manitoba’s immigration initiative has been very successful, not only because more and more newcomers are coming to Manitoba, but because the settlement and language-training assistance being offered are helping them succeed,” said Selinger. “Evidence consistently demonstrates that Manitoba’s immigrants experience one of the highest employment rates and lowest unemployment rates in Canada.”

Manitoba welcomed 13,520 immigrants in 2009, an increase of more than 20 per cent from 2008 when 11,218 people settled in the province, surpassing the previous record of 11,614 in 1957. Prior to 1946, Canada’s immigration records were not broken down by individual provinces.

Preliminary figures also show that Winnipeg received nearly 10,000 immigrants in 2009, more than Edmonton, Ottawa and Hamilton and more than Quebec City, Regina, Saskatoon, Victoria, Fredericton and Red Deer combined. Manitoba regional communities also welcomed more immigrants in 2009.

Compared with 2008, Manitoba provincial nominees increased by 27 per cent, with more than 75 per cent of permanent residents coming through the Provincial Nominee Program. In 2009, the majority of immigrants came from the Philippines, Germany, China, India and Israel.

Preliminary figures also show that Manitoba received 3,214 immigrants in the first three months of 2010, an increase of 11.9 per cent over the same period last year.

Today’s announcement was made at the offices of the ENTRY program, an orientation and language program for newcomers. The program was launched by the province in 2004 and is the first place for new immigrants to learn about living in Manitoba, said the premier.

Selinger also announced $415,546 in additional funding for ENTRY to support increased participation in the program. Participation increased to 4,131 students in 2009 from 1,390 in 2005. The new funding will bring total support to ENTRY to nearly $1.4 million in 2010-11, a 42 per cent increase over the previous year.

“Manitoba is making tremendous strides in increasing its population through immigration,” said Selinger. “Looking past the numbers, you also see the real success of our immigration initiatives and the positive effects newcomers are having on our economy and communities.”

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sous Baobab

Dear Member of African Community

“SOUS LE BAOBAB”, is hosting its fifth annual banquet and dance, a fundraising event, on SATURDAY June 5, 2010, at 190 De la Cathedrale Avenue, St. Boniface, Winnipeg, from 6 :30pm.

We need your support as a sponsor and guest at this event as we celebrate Cameroon’s 50th anniversary of independence. As in the past, proceeds from this event are earmarked for a charitable cause, and this year, we are pleased to remit all proceeds to La Campagne Vision, as a contribution to the construction of a new Health Science Building at the Collège Universitaire de Saint-Boniface.

Some highlights of our past accomplishments include:
Financially supported and boarded a grade 12 graduate through a two years diploma program at the Collège Universitaire de St. Boniface, from 2004 through 2007. And then further financial assistance through her immigration process in Manitoba.

Contributed to the building of a classroom in a Village in Cameroon, Africa, in 2008.
This year, while celebrating the 50th anniversary of independence of Cameroon, the proceeds of the event are earmarked as a contribution towards the construction of a new Health Science Building at the Collège Universitaire de Saint-Boniface. This year, we are specifically focused on giving back to our host Community!

We earnestly wish to invite you during this year’s exciting Sous le Baobab Dinner Banquet. Tickets are $ 15 / each. Should you wish to buy any tickets please contact me at (204) 804-4365.

Andre Doumbe

Sous le baobab Inc.

(204) 804-4365

LEAF to Intervene in Ontario Court Of Appeal Case

LEAF to Intervene in Ontario Court Of Appeal Case
Women Have Right to Wear Niqab in Court

For Immediate Release
TORONTO, June 3, 2010: On June 8 and 9, 2010, LEAF will intervene in the Ontario Court of Appeal case of R. v. N.S.. The case involves a niqab-wearing Muslim woman who was ordered to remove her niqab to testify against two family members charged with sexually abusing her as a child. N.S. is asking the Court of Appeal to affirm her right to wear the niqab in Court.
LEAF will argue that N.S. is entitled to equal access to justice. "Women who have been sexually assaulted should not be shut out of the justice system just because they wear the niqab" says LEAF counsel, Susan Chapman. "The first question people should ask is not "can N.S. wear the niqab," but "why are the accused demanding the niqab be removed?""
Chapman goes on to explain that "There is a long history of sexual assault complainants being humiliated, degraded and re-victimized on the stand, to get women to drop sex assault charges or not bring them in the first place. No other category of witness is subjected to the same discriminatory scrutiny and abuse. The request to remove the niqab must be seen in the context of the discriminatory treatment of women who report sexual assault. The effect of ordering this woman to remove her niqab is literally to strip her of her deeply personal religious clothing in open court, while she describes the intimate details of sexual abuse. The Court should not be implicated in undressing the complainant in this way."

LEAF's written argument states that access to "demeanor evidence" (the facial expressions of a witness) cannot justify the forced removal of the niqab. "Although we are used to seeing people's faces in Court, it has been demonstrated that even those most highly trained, like judges, lawyers, the FBI and CIA, do no better than chance in detecting a lie based on facial expressions" says LEAF co-counsel and Legal Director Joanna Birenbaum. "The purpose of cross-examination in the criminal trial is to discover the truth. Particularly in cross-racial and sexual assault contexts, demeanor evidence has proven consistently prejudicial, thus undermining the truth seeking function of the criminal trial. Stereotypes and discriminatory assumptions about who the witness is, or how the witness ought to behave, deeply influence judgments of credibility. Put simply, the accused in this case have no "right" to discriminatory evidence."

The implication of this case for the stigmatized minority group of women who wear the niqab is significant. Chapman explains: "If niqab-wearing women believe that they will be ordered to remove their niqabs if they seek the protection of the Canadian legal system, will they ever report sexual assault? The message will be that these women can be sexually assaulted with impunity. This is clearly unacceptable."
"The complainant's request for an Order that she not be forced to remove her niqab is not an assertion of "special rights" nor is it just based on freedom of religion" says Birenbaum. "The constitutional rights which the complainant asserts are fundamental: the rights to liberty, to be free from state imposed psychological harm, to physical security, to a justice system that operates free of discrimination and prejudice."
The wearing of the niqab by Muslim women in Canada has been the subject of public discussion and debate recently. Although the small number of women who wear the niqab in Canada are not a new phenomenon, various national and international events, most obviously 9/11, have changed the political climate in which they are viewed. The Ontario Human Rights Commission, as well as many others, has recognized Islamophobia as a form of racism. The niqab is perceived as belonging to a culture/religion/value-system which is stereotyped as extremist and inimical to Western cultures and values. In this context, the niqab has become emblematic of an irreconcilable "clash of cultures".

LEAF takes no position on the practice of wearing the niqab. LEAF is very concerned, however, that women who wear the niqab are not excluded from basic democratic institutions. LEAF is also concerned that racist and other stereotypes of Muslims not influence the public discussion of this sexual assault complainant's right to participate in a fair trial. "All of the discussion has been about the impact of the niqab on the accused" says Birenbaum. "But the disadvantage at trial will be experienced by the niqab-wearing witness. In the current political climate, how will the evidence of a niqab-wearing witness be received? In a climate where veiled Muslim women are feared and mistrusted, a Muslim woman who covers her face in Court must overcome prejudices that she is hiding something and cannot be believed."

For more Information Contact LEAF Co-Counsel:

Joanna Birenbaum, LEAF Susan Chapman, Pape Barristers

(w) 416-595-7170 ext. 223 (w) 416-364-8773

(cell) 647-500-3005 (cell) 416-276-2794

Email: Email:
LEAF is a national, non profit organization committed to confront all forms of discrimination through legal action, public education, and law.

For more information about LEAF visit
For information about West Coast LEAF visit
NIDO MANITOBA UPCOMING EVENT- African Medical Practitioners Networking Dinner!!
The goals of this meeting are:
• Getting Physicians to meet and interact with themselves and other professionals within the African Community.
• Discussing how Physicians can become more relevant to Africans in Manitoba and to our native homeland.

Date: June 12, 2010

Time: Be Seated at 6:15 pm (Minister arrives at 6:30 pm).

Venue: Best Western Pembina Inn& Suites, 1714, Pembina, Winnipeg.

Special Guests:

 Manitoba Minister of Health, The Hon. Theresa Oswald;

 Dr. Rukevwe Ugwumba, Associate Professor, Family Medicine Practitioner, University of Saskatchewan.

 Dr. Hon. Jon Gerrard, Leader of the Manitoba Liberal Party.

 Representative of the Hon. Hugh McFadyen,

Leader the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba


The network dinner is set up primarily for African Physicians and Dentists and representatives of various health care professional groups. At the last month’s NIDO Manitoba’s meeting, it was agreed that other professionals including NIDO members participating in the dinner are to each donate at least $10 to NIDO towards the cost of hosting the meeting. If you would like to participate, please contact either myself (360-4540; or Dr. Lana (204-960-7056;

ASP. We currently have only 15 seats left.

NIDO is recognized by the Nigerian government as the umbrella organization for Nigerians around the world and as a vanguard of Nigeria in the international community to promote Nigeria's image abroad. NIDO also assists in promoting Nigeria as an investment destination in Africa.

Edward I. Onyebuchi, Ph.D.

President NIDO Manitoba.

The Musical Empowerment of Deborah Cox: Deborah Cox's passion for dance music is ingrained, as is a focus on empowering people through all kinds of music.: Feature Story section: Metro Weekly magazine, Washington, DC newspaper

Deborah Cox, mother of three children and an R&B superstar will be headlining at the 2010 Gay Pride Festival at the Forks.

Organizers of the Festival are proud to have Cox and some other outstanding musicians at this year's event.
Deborah Cox to headline 2010 Pride Festival at The Forks

For immediate release(Pride)

Winnipeg, MB - The Winnipeg Pride committee is pleased to announce that R&B singing sensation Deborah Coxwill headline this year's Pride Festival, taking place June 6, 2010 at The Forks in downtown Winnipeg.

"We are thrilled to bring Deborah Cox to Winnipeg this summer in support of Pride activities," said Barb Burkowski, Chair of the Winnipeg Pridecommittee. "This is a big year for us - the Pride Festival is moving to The Forks and we are putting together a line-up of top-notch entertainment to mark the occasion."

Cox is a Canadian R&B singer-songwriter and actress. Her 1998 song "Nobody's Supposed to BeHere" held the record for the longest-running number one single on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart (14 weeks), a record held for nearly eight years. She has achieved 10 number-one hits on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart, and is often cited as Canada's top R&B artist. Her last studio album, The Promise, was released in November of 2008 and featured the hit single "Beautiful U R".

The performance by Deborah Cox is made possible, in part, by Winnipeg Pride's partnership with Manitoba Homecoming 2010.

"We are working with anumber of great sponsors this year, and we are particularly excited to partnerwith Manitoba Homecoming 2010," said Burkowski. "Through this partnership - and with the assistance of Destination Winnipeg - we are able to present a roster of performers that will appeal to members of the GLBTTQ* community, the greatercommunity of Winnipeg, and hopefully draw supporters from neighbouring cities, towns, provinces, and states."

Additional details about Winnipeg Pride festivities for 2010 will be made available in the coming weeksand months. For more information regarding this release, please visit:

Winnipeg Pride

Deborah Cox

The Musical Empowerment of Deborah Cox: Deborah Cox's passion for dance music is ingrained, as is a focus on empowering people through all kinds of music.: Feature Story section: Metro Weekly magazine, Washington, DC newspaper

WRHA > Health Information > News > 2010 > Do You Know the 5 Warning Signs of a Stroke?

Here is important information about stroke and what you should know: Check out this article

WRHA > Health Information > News > 2010 > Do You Know the 5 Warning Signs of a Stroke?: "News"

Dynamic Diaspora: Women and Immigration | Womens eNews

Dynamic Diaspora: Women and Immigration Womens eNews

Wednesday, June 02, 2010