Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gun Totting Student in Nelson Collegiate Winnipeg

I'm sure many parents are skittish about their children in our institutions of learning which have in the recent past become dangerous places for our children. Hearing that a student has been caught with a gun in school is outrageous to say the least. I think Canada and the West have to wake up to protecting youths. Youths are far more intelligent than their parents were at their age, yet we treat them with kid gloves looking for ways to excuse their behaviours.

We need to take a haqrd look at what students are up to. I think it may be time to bring back dress codes in school and make schools more disciplined places where students go to learn and not just hang out. The teaching staff sometimes fear to take any action for fear of being mistreated by parents or being fired for standing up for something. That needs to change.

When children or adults break the law they should not be given a free break. They should be made to pay for it with a penalty that fits the crime. Whatever the penalty is, the taxpayer should not be paying for it. These criminals should work for their upkeep, not just sit in jail and watch TV or build big muscles with mindless exercise. Let them do hard labour.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Louis Riel Holiday February 17th

Today is Louis Riel Day, the new holiday in Manitoba. I think it is fitting recognition. Manitoba is an important and Louis Riel is a hero to many Aboriginal people. He fought for their rights and respect and was killed for it. He killed many too but as freedom fighters and during a war everyone is fair game. According to Manitoba history it was Riel who instigated the civil war and for which he was deemed a traitor and the reason given for hanging him in 1885. But he was the proud Metis leader of the Aboriginal people. At that time it was kill or be killed. We know that the power structure can be brutal when they feel their power is threatened and all their stolen wealth are at risk of being taken away, people get really weird and like they get out of their humanity and become a beast. Louis Riel killed legitimately. Some say that he is a murderer and were against naming a holiday after him but they do not get the picture. They do not understand the pain of discrimination and racism and being the underdog of society. I feel the Manitoba Government is right in its choice. It’s about time we recognized our Aboriginal contribution to the Province. Some Aboriginal people say they are in awe that the day was named after Riel. They could not believe it but time wears away even the stones we walk upon. Time is really a healer.
It is great to have a holiday

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Winter's Humour

Winter, winter, winter. Some people love to hate it. Many of us use it to break the ice in conversation and sometimes in the process it cracks our frozen lips.
Old man winter I wonder why they call winter old man. Only man doesn't have the bite and sting of winter. This is a young man with all his ozones in tact. When he gets you boy, he gets you good.

This young man's kisses burn you and make you weep. Even grown men's eyes water to his stinging touch. Young man winter must be one of those newer varieties of sex because he does not discriminate. He makes a play for anyone who is foolish enough not to keep themselves covered properly.

A few days ago it was 45 to 50 degrees below and I had to walk 15 minutes in the cold facing the wind. It was bitterly cold with the wind in my face but I loved it, I relished in it and loved the feel of the skin as it got so cold that I began to feel a sensation like needles sticking me in the face. I saw wow; I am getting a free acupuncture. I reduced my pace so that I can enjoy it even more.
Growing up in the tropics all we had was boring rain and sun, mud and water, mosquitoes and flies and creepy crawlies all year round. That drove me to pieces. There was no relief until I came to North America and now the season changes and as soon as you begin to get tired of one season the next season slip away except young man winter always tries to get a little more overstaying his welcome
Yeah winter is great. It gives you that fresh, crisp feeling of a frozen lettuce and somehow people look younger in the winter then when summer comes and you thaw all the wrinkles appear like magic. This is another great reason to like winter. It keeps you younger looking. But when you get into the homes with all their artificial heats your can turn on you again. It can take on the appearance of a reptile with huge scales. That can be quite a scary picture. I am sure you've seen it and you know what I mean. We all have seen this animal and it's not nice. We wonder where did it come from, where did my fresh young skin disappear to. Oh the joys of winter.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Black History Month

This is a month that is celebrated by Black communities all over the world. It is a time to showcase our contributions, history and culture to the world.

Some may say why Black History Month, why not White History Month, well the reason is simple, every month is White History month including February. We live and breathe whit history and this is all over the world. Wherever the white man went he has left his historical footprints.

I remember growing up in the Caribbean I never learned anything about my history but of European and British history. Blacks were not counted and still not counted in these parts of the world though we have contributed a lot to the development of the west. Many young people are not aware of our contribution because it was excluded form the books. This gives them a chance to learn that blacks have a right to be here, they have paid their due. For more than 300 years they gave free labour that helped developed some of the most important institutions in the West, that have made many people rich. Today's youths should learn that blacks worked as slaves on plantations, in homes and cotton fields. They were bound to these activities through cuel bosses/masters.

They have to know that Harriet Tubman is a historical figure in Canada. She brough many slaves from the USA over to Canada with the help of Quakers through the Underground Railway. Those people settled in Ontario - Chatham, Owen Sounds and around that place.

Blacks were first enslaved in Quebec City. While they were not treated as badly as in the United States, they were still treated bad enough to make you cringe. They were beaten and whipped if they stepped out of line or tried to gain freedom.

Did you know a black man was whipped if he as much as looked at a White woman in what could have been interpreted as a suggestive manner?

Blacks were dehumanized and white children were taught that Blacks were not human beings as they were but something inferior.

During Black History Month, it is important to relive these memories so that it never be allowed to happen again.


It's Saturday morning. I look outside my window, My car is totally covered in white. I return to bed. Should I cancel my appointed. I lost that thingy you use to brush snow off the car. It fell off my car one day in the middle of traffic. I had forgetton it on the roof of the car. When it fell there were cars coming from every direction so I had to drive away and leave my expensive $9.00 brush. What am I going to do today to get the snow off?

The few weeks since I lost it I would brush off the drizzle of snow with my mitt cover. This is too much snow to brush off. After all we had a blizzard last night and it is now minus 24C. What am I going to do? I decide I have to get up and write this post and then I have to haul myself up and get going. Perhaps leave as is and hitch a ride on the bus and buy another brush. I have several appointments.

By the way there are lots of stuff happening in good old Winnipeg this weekend. The cafe talk topics are about Black History Month and all the activities going on. There is a play at St. Boniface Cathedral today at 2:30 Deep Fried Curried Perogy, produced by a Filipina woman - married to a man of mixed background who have a child who is United Nations. What a wonderful thing. This is what you call diversity. I am looking forward to seeing this show.

Another big thing happening this weekend is CKUW.FM ch 713 community radio is having a fund raising drive. This station needs community support to improve. This has been going on all week. Each year they have this fundraising drive where people call in to the station and make a pledge. Hey, you gotta a minute and a dime? Then call in a make a pledge. It's a great community resource that needs your support. Call 774 6877 now.