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Province to Renew Climate Change Goals with Public Engagement, Greening of Public Guildings, Vehicles: Mackintosh The province is taking a new direction to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and become better able to withstand climate change, starting with a ban on petroleum coke and coal heating, and emission taxes on both those products for other industrial uses, as well as holding public consultations on the next phase of its climate change strategy, Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Gord Mackintosh announced today. “Between 2000 and 2011, Manitoba’s population grew by 9.6 per cent, the economy grew by 78 per cent and greenhouse-gas emissions were reduced by seven per cent, the biggest reduction in the west,” said Mackintosh. “This is a positive trend, but we need to carefully build on these recent efforts by introducing timely new actions, and designing fair and effective new greenhouse-gas reduction mechanisms for the longer term.” The minister said the new actions include focusing on reducing emissions and improving the province’s resilience to climate change by: •introducing North America’s first petroleum coke (petcoke) heating ban and a new petcoke emissions tax for other industrial uses effective June 30, 2014; •phasing in North America’s first coal heating ban Jan. 1, 2014, with a grace period up to July 1, 2017, if an approved conversion plan is filed by June 30, 2014; •investing $500,000 from coal and petcoke tax revenues to help coal users convert to biomass; •promoting an online biomass brokerage to connect new biomass energy customers and suppliers through the creation of the Biomass Economy Network; •developing mandatory reporting for emissions greater than 10,000 tonnes by consulting with stakeholders to establish efficient reporting and more stringent requirements for the public sector; •implementing Canada’s first greening-of-government-vehicles law to mandate maximum fuel efficiency, annually reduce emissions and require idling reduction; •implementing a greening-of-government-buildings law for 33 per cent greater energy efficiency for all new or renovated buildings including leased buildings; •developing a boreal forest plan starting this fall, which will recognize the boreal forest as one of the world's great storehouses of carbon; •assessing climate change risks on the province’s programs and services; and •building on leading-edge efforts to build resiliency in the agriculture sector to severe weather events resulting from climate change. The emissions tax on coal was announced in 2011 along with the pending ban on coal heating. The minister said, since that time, many small coal users have switched to alternatives or have plans to do so, adding the ban will reduce emissions by 50,000 to 100,000 tonnes, the equivalent of taking between 10,000 and 20,000 cars off the road. “Building on Manitoba’s carbon tax on coal, this phased-in approach to the coal heating ban is hugely important,” said Bruce Duggan of 50by30. “This approach allows coal users the time needed to convert from coal and to guard against conversions to other fossil fuels which may be easier to access but more detrimental to the environment. It also allows our new biomass energy network to help to develop a strong biomass market to step in to replace coal.” “Manitoba farmers contribute to a clean environment as they make their living and the development of markets for biomass is an additional economic opportunity for us,” said Doug Chorney, president of Keystone Agricultural Producers. “By delaying the enforcement of the ban on coal use for space heating until 2017, the Government of Manitoba is providing the necessary time for farmers and potential users of biomass to make the necessary investments.” The minister noted the province has now completed all 67 actions in the 2008 Beyond Kyoto Climate Change Action Plan and a new long-term plan is needed to ensure future reduction plans are based on detailed knowledge about where emissions are coming from and what effects the reduction mechanisms will have on Manitoba. To help the province develop an updated climate and green economy plan, the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) will lead targeted public meetings with Manitobans beginning this fall. This new plan will be designed to address public concerns about the need to reduce emissions and plan for climate impacts. This process will generate detailed knowledge about where Manitoba’s emissions are coming from and how various reduction mechanisms would impact Manitobans, said Mackintosh. The consultations will be chaired by IISD chief executive officer Scott Vaughan, Canada’s former commissioner of the environment and sustainable development. “Manitoba is developing a plan which will help address the challenges ahead to reduce greenhouse‑gas emissions and adapt to a changing climate,” said Vaughan. “I believe Manitoba’s plan will be further strengthened through public engagement and I look forward to the insights offered by Manitobans.” “Working together to preserve our environment and promote sustainability is the most effective way to continue to manage climate change,” said Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives Minister Ron Kostyshyn. “By providing money and expertise for converting to biomass, the province is helping producers make a change that is good for business and the environment. That’s what growing a green economy is all about.” Mackintosh noted the new plans fulfil commitments outlined in TomorrowNow – Manitoba’s Green Plan, an eight-year plan guiding provincial investments and initiatives to build a green economy while protecting the environment. The minister noted a summary of the public consultations on the effectiveness of a cap-and-trade approach to managing carbon is available online at Among the themes in the feedback is the need to ensure the source of emissions are accurately identified and mitigated fairly, he said. More information on TomorrowNow is available at - 30 - BACKGROUND INFORMATION ATTACHED

July 29, 2013 LOCAL COMPANY ZENFRI INC. RECEIVING FUNDING, WORLDWIDE RECOGNITION FOR INNOVATIVE AUGMENTED REALITY GAME – – – Manitoba's Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit Helping Attract Investment, Create High-skilled Jobs: Chomiak Innovation, Energy and Mines Minister Dave Chomiak today congratulated Winnipeg-based ZenFri Inc. on receipt of $710,000 from the Canada Media Fund (CMF) for full production of Clandestine: Anomaly, an innovative augmented reality game that is receiving worldwide attention. “This is another example of the tremendous advances we’re seeing in Manitoba’s technology and creative media industries, and we congratulate ZenFri Inc. on their achievement,” said Chomiak. “It also demonstrates the positive impacts of enhancements made to the Manitoba Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (MIDMTC) in Budget 2013, which are helping to attract new investment and create new high-skill jobs in the province.” Chomiak also cited Winnipeg video-game developer Complex Games’ recent decision to continue to grow its Winnipeg workforce from a staff of 30 to an expected head count of 80 over the next two years as another example of the benefit of the Digital Media Tax Credit. Clandestine: Anomalyis a sci-fi adventure game that uses leading-edge, augmented reality technology to enable players to interact with game content in the real world, using their mobile device. The project is already gaining international recognition and was recently one of five finalists for the Auggie global augmented reality awards. While the project’s core team comprises more than 45 talented people from across Canada, many of the leads are local firms and individuals, making Clandestine: Anomaly a Manitoba-focused project. “The enhancements to the MIDMTC in Budget 2013 played a key role in helping ZenFri secure new CMF investment and being the only company outside of B.C. and Quebec to secure production funding from CMF this round,” said Corey King, CEO and creative director of ZenFri Inc. “Among the enhancements, financial support from the Canada Media Fund that is recoupable or repayable will no longer be treated as government assistance. This has allowed our company to create an extremely innovative world-leading project, while keeping ownership of the IP and jobs here in Manitoba.” “Our freelancers and companies choose to live and work in Manitoba thanks to a culture of collaboration and exchange that is unique amongst other provinces,” said Kevin Hnatiuk, executive director, New Media Manitoba. “It began seven years ago when the province first began supporting our New Media Association to deliver timely industry training to new media professionals, and continues today through the expansion of the Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit. ZenFri’s successful Canada Media Fund application is due in part to the supportive culture and environment the province and New Media Manitoba have helped build here in one of Manitoba’s most exciting and fastest growing knowledge-based industries.” In addition to $710,000 for production, ZenFri previously received $250,100 from the CMF for development of the Clandestine: Anomaly prototype. The $960,100 in total CMF funding is the largest CMF award that any Manitoba project has ever received and ZenFri is the only company outside of British Columbia and Quebec to receive support in the current round of CMF production funding. Maximum CMF funding is $1 million per project. The MIDMTC was launched in 2008 and is a refundable corporate income tax credit for companies that develop and produce interactive digital media projects in Manitoba. Enhancements made to the MIDMTC in Budget 2013 are more effectively serving the needs of local industry and helping keep Manitoba in line with other Canadian provinces that have competitive tax credit and rebate programs for interactive digital media development, Chomiak said. Additional information on the MIDMTC and enhancements made in Budget 2013 are available at - 30 -
July 31, 2013 PRIME MINISTER OF ICELAND TO VISIT MANITOBA AUG. 1 TO 5 Premier Greg Selinger will welcome to Manitoba tomorrow the newly elected prime minister of Iceland Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, accompanied by his wife Anna Palsdottir,who will take part in events including the Icelandic Festival celebrations in Gimli this weekend. “Manitoba’s historic and cultural ties to Iceland are significant, treasured and unique,” said Selinger. “With the largest Icelandic population outside of Iceland, we are always delighted to welcome officials from Iceland who in many respects are visiting their home away from home.” While in Manitoba, the prime minister will visit the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, tour the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the 100 Masters exhibit, as well as take part in a special commemorative wreath-laying service at Brookside Cemetery to honour Icelandic-Canadians who served Canada in wars and peacekeeping missions. Also visiting Manitoba as part of the prime minister’s visit to Manitoba will be Iceland’s ambassador to Canada Thordur Oskarsson and Canada’s ambassador to Iceland Stewart Wheeler. -30-

Quotable quote

You are divinely loved and cared for

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Healthy Living, Seniors and Consumer Affairs Minister Jim Rondeau announces new booster seat legislation that will ensure children are better protected in motor vehicles.
Healthy Living, Seniors and Consumer Affairs Minister Jim Rondeau announces new booster seat legislation that will ensure children are better protected in motor vehicles
Innovation, Energy and Mines Minister Dave Chomiak congratulates Winnipeg-based ZenFri Inc. on receipt of $710,000 from the Canada Media Fund and tax credits from the Manitoba Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit for the production of  Clandestine: Anomaly, an innovative augmented reality game that is receiving worldwide attention. Pictured, left to right, are Jei Kohlenberg, Interactive Producer, ZenFri Inc.; Dougald Lamont, Vice President of Marketing, ZenFri Inc.; Danielle King, Co-Founder and Chief Managing Artist, ZenFri Inc.; Corey King, Co-Founder, CEO and Creative Director, ZenFri Inc.; and Minister Chomiak.
Innovation, Energy and Mines Minister Dave Chomiak congratulates Winnipeg-based ZenFri Inc. on receipt of $710,000 from the Canada Media Fund and tax credits from the Manitoba Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit for the production of Clandestine: Anomaly, an innovative augmented reality game that is receiving worldwide attention. Pictured, left to right, are Jei Kohlenberg, Interactive Producer, ZenFri Inc.; Dougald Lamont, Vice President of Marketing, ZenFri Inc.; Danielle King, Co-Founder and Chief Managing Artist, ZenFri Inc.; Corey King, Co-Founder, CEO and Creative Director, ZenFri Inc.; and Minister Chomiak
Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Gord Mackintosh announces a new direction to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ad become better able to address climate change in Manitoba
Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Gord Mackintosh announces a new direction to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ad become better able to address climate change in Manitoba
Justice Minister Andrew Swan speaking on behalf of Local Government Minister Ron Lemieux joined city and neighbourhood representatives for the official opening of the new Chief Grizzly Bear’s Garden on Sherbrook and Jacob Penner Park on Notre Dame.
Justice Minister Andrew Swan speaking on behalf of Local Government Minister Ron Lemieux joined city and neighbourhood representatives for the official opening of the new Chief Grizzly Bear’s Garden on Sherbrook and Jacob Penner Park on Notre Dame
July 30, 2013 IMPROVEMENTS AT TWO CITY PARKS ADD PICNIC, GREEN SPACE, REST AREAS AND CEREMONIAL SITES FOR INNER-CITY NEIGHBOURHOODS – – – Province and City Partnership Enhances Community-identified Projects at Chief Grizzly Bear's Garden and Jacob Penner Park Families and residents of two inner-city neighbourhoods can enjoy more parks and community meeting spaces now that improvements have been completed at Chief Grizzly Bear’s Garden and Jacob Penner Park, Justice Minister Andrew Swan, on behalf of Local Government Minister Ron Lemieux, and Mayor Sam Katz announced today. “By working with community associations, the province and the city have turned grey space into green space and created attractive, inviting meeting places for families and residents of these neighbourhoods,” said Swan. “The province is proud to support projects like these because we consider neighbourhood parks to be an important part of a community’s environment, contributing to the social atmosphere that binds a community together.” Joint funding from the Province of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg through the Building Communities Initiative (BCI) II provided $250,000 for improvements to Chief Grizzly Bear’s Garden (also known by its traditional Ojibwa name Ogimaa Gichi Makwa Gitigaan) and $225,000 for improvements to Jacob Penner Park. “These green spaces have been developed with input and support from neighbourhood community groups,” said Katz. “The City of Winnipeg is pleased to be a partner in revitalizing downtown neighbourhoods, not only for the families that live here, but for all Winnipeggers.” Chief Grizzly Bear’s Garden, formerly known as Spence Aboriginal Spirit Park, was a project identified and promoted in partnership with the Spence Neighbourhood Association and Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre Inc. The project includes redevelopment of four vacant lots into a community gathering area and green space with: • a ceremonial circle based on the Aboriginal medicine wheel, • a seating berm with retaining wall, • a small play structure, • benches, picnic tables and lighting, and • native trees, shrubs and perennials representing plants traditionally used in Aboriginal ceremonies and healing. “This park started as a grassroots initiative and the community has been closely involved throughout the whole process,” said Tanya Suderman of the Spence Neighbourhood Association. “We are thankful to the City of Winnipeg and Province of Manitoba for providing us the opportunity to build our community, celebrate culture and provide a safe place for future generations to gain traditional knowledge.” The Jacob Penner Park redevelopment complements community garden space installed by the Spence Neighbourhood Association and Daniel McIntyre-St. Matthews Community Association. Following community consultations, the site now includes: • new pathways, entry sites and benches, • a skateboard plaza, and • a half-court basketball court. “We are very pleased to see them investing in one of the parks in our neighbourhood and hope that it is an indication of future investment in our community, said Kemlin Nembhard, executive director of the Daniel McIntyre-St. Matthews Community Association. “The experience of working with the city on this project was truly collaborative and inclusive and overall very positive - it's a model that I hope can be emulated for future interactions including projects done in partnership with community.” Chief Grizzly Bear’s Garden and Jacob Penner Park were two of the approved neighbourhood infrastructure projects throughout Winnipeg announced as part of Phase One of BCI II that provided a total of $10 million between 2010 and 2013. Of the 38 approved projects under the first phase, 34 have been completed with the remaining four to be completed over the next year. Projects include improving athletic fields, playgrounds and structures, splash pads, lighting, seating, pathways in parks, upgrades and expansion of community centres. The BCI II is a multi-year, cost-shared capital initiative developed jointly by the Manitoba government and the City of Winnipeg to support community revitalization through improvements to local infrastructure in targeted older neighbourhoods and contribute to the vitality, safety and health of communities throughout the city. - 30 -

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Immigrants make film

Some of the cast members of the movie The Finest Wine.
Some of the cast members of the movie The Finest Wine.
Fort Richmond residents who are members of Immanual Fellowship will premiere their locally made movie called The Finest Wine on Saturday, July 27.
All those involved in the movie are students at the University of Manitoba — a few are doctoral students, some are post-doctoral fellows and they have one thing in mind — addressing the social malaise of youth gang involvement, gang violence, parental negligence, dirty divorces and domestic violence.
The lead actress, Shade Gesindem, said the movie addresses the issue of diminishing love and vanishing affection in homes. According to her, this movie is out to bring peace back into homes that have become houses of commotion.
Another actor, doctoral engineering student Nana Baafour,explained that the movie aims to prevent the descent of children into violent drug gangs.
The movie is set in Winnipeg and all its scenes were recorded in Fort Richmond. It depicts a raging gang war in which bullets are about to fly; an innocent boy forcefully evicted from his home has now become a time-bomb ready to be detonated. After several twists and turns, the film ends with a "finest wine" miracle that challenges male and female, young and old, to spread unconditional love and to make joy and affection contagious.
Conrad Klassen, one of the actors, describes the movie as a teaching tool that is bound to be a revelation.
Yetunde Adewumi, Immanuel Fellowship's director of communications invites all residents to the premiere at 9 a.m. on Saturday, July 27 at the Cineplex Odeon McGillivray , 2190 McGillivray Blvd.
For more information, contact Yettie at 204-898-2253 or Vera at 204-485-6640.

Sunday Olukoju is a community correspondent for Fort Richmond. You can contact him at


Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba To Attend Korea Veterans Association Candle Light Service

Wednesday July 24, 2013

WINNIPEG, Manitoba:  The Honourable Philip S. Lee, Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba will head the list of dignitaries in attendance at the  Korea Veterans Association Candlelight Service at Brookside Cemetery in Winnipeg on Saturday, July 27th.

The official end to the hostilities on the Korean Peninsula came on July 27th 1953 ending three years of fighting.  The Korea Veterans will be joined by family and friends and members of the Korean community in Manitoba, to mark the 60th anniversary of the ending of this war in which 516 Canadians gave their lives.
The Candlelight Service will take place at the Korean Veterans Cairn in the Military Field of Honour in Brookside Cemetery and will get underway at 4 P.M.
The Field of Honour, is Canada’s most significantly designed and one of the oldest military interment sites in Canada, is the final resting place for over 11,000 Canadian Veterans, Service Men and Service Women and War Heroes and is located from the North-West Quadrant flowing to the North-east and over Omands Creek in Brookside Cemetery which is located at 3001 Notre Dame Avenue, (west of the Red River College.)
After the Service, participants will gather for a reception at the Neil Bardal Funeral Centre located directly across from Brookside Cemetery at 3030 Notre Dame Avenue.
The 60th Anniversary Service will also recognize the designation by the Canadian Government of 2013 as the year of the Korea War Veteran, an honour welcomed by Veterans after enduring years of a lack of public attention to their sacrifices in that war.

In announcing the Year of the Korean War Veteran, the Veteran’s Affairs Minister said, “this will focus attention on a war that for too long has been referred to as the “Forgotten War”
He added that, “Sixty years later, the Republic of Korea has proven that Canada’s service was not in vain—today it boasts a strong, lasting democracy, a vibrant culture and a thriving economy. All this is proof that Canadian Veterans made a real and enduring difference.”

For further information, or to arrange pre-event interviews with Executive Officers of the Korea Veterans Association, please contact:

Brian Koshul,
Telephone – 204-770-3574

NOTE TO EDITORS: Media representatives are invited to attend the Service as well as the following after-service gathering at the Neil Bardal Funeral Centre where they are welcome to speak with Veterans who served in the Korean War, their families, Executive Officers of the Korea Veterans Association and members of the Korean community in Manitoba who have attended and participated in these services for many years.

Media representatives should report to the guides at the entrance to Brooklands Cemetary before 4 P.M. on Saturday, to receive directions to drive their vehicles  to the site of the Service.

Attachments:     1) Photo - PPCLI on patrol in Korea
                            2) Photo - Injured Canadian rifleman helped to an aid station                         
                            3) Cutlines for above photos

Get your applications in

T.E.R.F. Now Accepting Applications
T.E.R.F. (Transition, Education and Resources for Females) is currently accepting applications for the
2013-2014 Adult Program. 

T.E.R.F. provides a safe, supportive, learning environment for children, youth, women and transgendered individuals who have been exploited/trafficked through the sex trade. 

To register, contact:
·       Karyn at (204) 786-7051 ext. 5223, e-mail:, or
·       Janice at (204) 786-7051 ext. 5250, e-mail:

For more information about T.E.R.F., phone: (204) 786-7051 ext. 5311, e-mail:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Children and Youth Opportunities Minister Kevin Chief is joined by mother-to-be Wendy Hallgrimson and Malaya Cueto at the provincial launch of “Starting Early, Starting Strong, Join the Conversation,” a provincial dialogue on early childhood development.
Children and Youth Opportunities Minister Kevin Chief is joined by mother-to-be Wendy Hallgrimson and Malaya Cueto at the provincial launch of “Starting Early, Starting Strong, Join the Conversation,” a provincial dialogue on early childhood development.

July 24, 2013


– – –
Early Investment in Child Development Offers Lifelong Benefits: Chief
The Manitoba government is launching a provincial dialogue on supporting families through early childhood development, Children and Youth Opportunities Minister Kevin Chief announced today.
“Research shows that what happens during the early years can strongly influence a child’s success in school and in life,” said Chief.  “We all have a role to play in making sure we provide the best possible opportunities for our children, so we’re asking Manitobans to join the conversation by attending a public meeting or sharing their comments online.”
The first public meeting was held today at the Aboriginal Centre of Winnipeg and was attended by more than 250 parents, grandparents and children.  The minister will go across the province over the next few months to meet with Manitobans about early childhood development and the supports available to them.  The minister will also meet with various stakeholders including leaders from the Aboriginal community and the business sector.
“This is the beginning of a golden moment in Manitoba where the tremendous science available on the importance of the early years has been recognized and embraced by leaders in the community, the provincial government and the business sector,” said Ian Gill and Ric Young of The Boldness Project.  “These connections can transform the ways in which young children and their families are supported and served in the inner city.”
“As an expectant mother, I know firsthand how these programs are already helping me and my family,” said Wendy Hallgrimson, youth co-ordinator, Winnipeg Aboriginal Sport Achievement Centre.  “I came out to this gathering and invited everyone I know because I want more families to connect with their communities and learn what services are available, as well as share their ideas on how we can work together do more.”
“We’re listening to Manitobans to get their ideas on how to strengthen our early years strategy,” said Chief.  “By working together, families, communities and the provincial government can make a difference and give our kids a better start.”
For information on upcoming meetings, visit
- 30 -

This is a neat little printable exercise and meal plan by Chatelaine
Check it out
This seems doable - not too compliated or rigid

African Refugee wanted for Research

Are you an African Refugee in Winnipeg?
Have you been in Canada at least five years?
Are you over 18 years of age?
Are you interested in being part of the solution?
This study is looking for someone like you to tell us, through picture taking and discussion, the ideas and concerns you have about wellbeing of refugees in Winnipeg.

You will be given a single use camera and instructions on how to use it.

You will also have an opportunity to share individually and in a group session the meanings of the pictures you take. All these activities will take you approximately 4 hours of your time.
$40 will be provided to cover your expenses.
For more information about this project, please email or call:
Dr. Regine King (French or Kinyarwanda)
Tel: 204-474-9094
Dr. Tuula Heinonen (English)
Tel: 204-474-9543
More info about the research

Purpose: This study seeks to understand the factors causing mental distress among African refugees in Winnipeg and the resources they use to address these concerns. The study will include perceptions of the members of the African refugee community. If you agree to participate, you will be asked to take pictures that represent both the factors that cause you distress and those that help to release it here in Winnipeg and provide an explanation to each picture taken in an individual meeting with one member of the research team. Then you will be invited to share your perceptions on a select group of pictures taken by you and other participants through a focus group. As a participant you will be asked to keep confidentiality of the information you will hear from other participants.

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Province announces funding to help skilled newcomers work in their chosen fields sooner.  Left to right: Mohinder Saran, MLA for the Maples, Erin Selby, Minister of Advanced Education and Literacy and Christine Melnick, Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism
Province announces funding to help skilled newcomers work in their chosen fields sooner. Left to right: Mohinder Saran, MLA for the Maples, Erin Selby, Minister of Advanced Education and Literacy and Christine Melnick, Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism
July 22, 2013


– – –
Province Investing in Foreign Credential Recognition: Ministers
Manitoba is investing $1.4 million over two years to improve the recognition of foreign credentials and get people working more quickly, Advanced Education and Literacy Minister Erin Selby and Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Christine Melnick announced today.
“The Manitoba government has been working to improve the recognition of foreign credentials, allowing new Manitobans the ability to put their education and experience to use sooner and establish successful careers in our province,” said Selby.  “Today, we’re announcing new supports for our universities and colleges to work with trained and talented newcomers to put their skills to work.  It’s good for our economy and it means newcomers can more quickly put down roots in Manitoba.”
This initiative will fund pilot programs designed to assist internationally educated newcomers get their professional qualifications recognized quickly and transition smoothly into the work force.
The programs will be determined through a recently launched call for proposals (CFP).  The CFP will be open to Manitoba’s public post-secondary institutions and will be targeted at science, technology, engineering, mathematics, health and trades.
“Internationally trained professionals have a wide range of talents, education and experiences, and represent a significant pool of skilled labour,” said Melnick.  “By providing programs to help them integrate more quickly into the labour market, Manitoba can benefit from their skills and reduce labour shortages”
Under the previous project, bridge programs were offered for construction electricians, professional accountants, information technology professionals and financial services.
- 30 -

Job vacancy


POSITION TITLE:      Orientation Facilitator (0.28 EFT)


UNION AFFILIATION:            CUPE Local 2348

SALARY:                                $15.72 – 17.45 per hour


The Orientation Facilitator will work under the supervision of the Manager of the Entry Program for Older Adult Immigrants’ in cooperation with the EAL* Specialist. The Facilitator is responsible for facilitating Entry sessions as required.


  1. Participate in training sessions offered by the EAL* specialist prior to facilitating sessions
  2. Prior to sessions, obtain materials and handouts as prepared by the EAL* specialist.
  3. Facilitate the Entry sessions using resource kits developed by the Manager and EAL* Specialist for a ten week period offered twice a week
 4.  Report progress of sessions on a regular basis to the specialist
 5. Attend various meetings at the request of the Manager.


  • Graduation from high school OR Certificate in Aging OR related education
  • Experience with group facilitation for older adults
  • Familiarity with the topics of interest and importance to older adult immigrants
  • Experience working in a cross cultural / EAL* setting is an asset

Timeline:  TBA

This is a 0.28 Term Position: 10 hours per week over 10 weeks inclusive of training and evaluation sessions

Please submit resume to:               



Maureen Keelan

Manager, Entry Program for Older Adult Immigrants

A & O: Support Services for Older Adults

200-280 Smith Street
Winnipeg, MB  R3C 1K2

Closing Date: Monday, July 29, 2013 – 4:30 p.m.

*EAL: English as an Additional Language

How would like a penis with that? Or some urine-spiked coffee?

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Happy 95th birthday Papa Mandella. What a man.  After 27 years in jail most of which in solitary confinement, he walked out with a transformed heart, not to seek revenge but to work in solidarity with his enemies to build a better South Africa for both the blacks and the whites. In my book this man is a saint.

If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner.    Nelson Mandela

Interesting take on what the jurors in Trayvon Martin saw and heard

July 18, 2013


Manitobans are encouraged to enjoy a broad range of activities in the great outdoors with free entry to Manitoba’s provincial parks tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday (July 19 to 21) in celebration of Canada’s Parks Day on July 20, Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Gord Mackintosh announced today.
“Manitoba’s many beautiful parks provide an excellent opportunity to create wonderful memories of good times with family and friends in a natural setting,” said Mackintosh.  “To encourage more people to visit and explore our parks, we are celebrating Canada’s Parks Day with free entry to all provincial parks this weekend.  We’re offering a variety of fun and educational events that will interest people of all ages.”
Mackintosh noted many of the planned activities highlight the important role parks play in protecting both cultural and natural values associated with parks including the history of these special places, critical habitat for species-at-risk, maintaining healthy and resilient ecosystems, and supporting human health and well-being.
Some Manitoba activities on Saturday include:
  • campfire talk on the history of Birds Hill Park at 8:30 p.m.;
  • interpretive amphitheatre presentation at Grand Beach at 9:30 p.m.;
  • guided walk of Hecla Village at 3 p.m.;
  • interpretive guided tour of historic homes in the St. Norbert area at 1 p.m.;
  • play Parks Jeopardy and enjoy an interpretive amphitheatre presentation at Spruce Woods at
    9 p.m.; and
  • campfire talk on the history of the Whiteshell at the Alfred Hole sanctuary in Rennie at 8 p.m.
Other special events in Manitoba parks include:
  • Rivers – Parks Day prize draws;
  • Bakers Narrows – youth natural resource officer for a day draw; and
  • Clearwater Lake (Campers Cove Campground) – Parks Day activities and prize draws.
For more information on these and other Canada’s Parks Day events, visit
“Manitoba parks are among the greatest natural resources we have,” said Mackintosh.  “They benefit the environment, provide a natural habitat for plants and animals, and give people the opportunity to reconnect with peace and tranquility.  That’s why we are investing more than $100 million in park infrastructure by 2020 through our Building the Parks Province:  Manitoba’s Parks Strategy.”
For more information on the strategy, visit  For more information on parks in Manitoba or to book a campsite, visit
- 30 -

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Upcoming Cultural Events in Winnipeg

·        Latin Festival – July 20
               Cultural music, displays, crafts and vendors at The Forks to build awareness for the future Latin         Cultural Centre in Winnipeg.
·        Free human rights tours at The Forks - Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Join staff from the Canadian Museum for Human Rights for guided outdoor tours offered all summer long – for free! Walk through human rights stories from past and present, and learn about the iconic building, set to open in 2014! A tour focused on “Rights All Around Us” begins at 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday all summer long. On Thursday evenings at 7 p.m., the family-oriented “Growing a Better Future” tour uses hands-on activities to explore the right to food. All tours leave from Vial Rail Union Station. No reservations are necessary, but tour sizes are limited, so come early! Special group tours (five to 15 people) and ASL can be arranged by phoning (204) 289-2123, TTY at (204) 289-2050, or e-mailing

Buy Local for better health

Diversity Foods 
 is a collaboration between the University of Winnipeg's Community Renewal Corporation and SEED Winnipeg. It is designed to serve up delicious and locally-sourced food, all while offering meaningful employment opportunities to inner-city residents. In addition to the U of W campus restaurant, Diversity also offers a catering service, so call them for your next meeting, gathering or party.
Fruit Share  is a volunteer-led organization that will come pick your fruit and share the yield between yourself, themselves, and community groups. Started in 2010, the initiative is now active in several Manitoba communities, working to eliminate wasted fruit and foster a greater sense of community. If you have more fruit in your yard than you know what to do with, give Fruit Share a call, and know that it will be put to productive use.

L'Arche Tova Cafe 
offers you a delicious meal and makes known the gifts of people with developmental disabilities. It was established as social enterprise in 2012, and has since encouraged the public to interact with and get to know a person with a disability over a cup of coffee, thus fostering greater levels of inclusion and equality. Also keep L'Arche Tova Cafe in mind for your future catering needs.

Soup Bee 
is a non-profit social enterprise operated by the West Broadway Community Organization that offers two delicious gourmet soups each week (one vegetarian and one with meat). Soups are prepared in such a way that provides supportive employment opportunities to Winnipeg's downtown/core area; the program promotes local food security and environmental sustainability.

Sam's Place 
is a socially conscious bookstore and coffee house, catering service, and a local venue for music and artists. The organization's mission is to provide the Elmwood neighbourhood in Winnipeg with an inclusive multicultural meeting slace, working to promote social justice, education and change.
Immigrant Integration & Farming Co-operative  began its main operation, the Rainbow Community Gardens, in 2008. The membership of the co-operative is made up of newcomers to Winnipeg (and in most cases Canada), who are encouraged to grow their own fruits and vegetables, from which produce is retained by the families but also shared within their community and local markets.

Food Connections Project 
is a social enterprise and pre-employment program that offers delicious city-wide catering options. The program provides hands-on training in and for the hospitality industry. Participants are able to operate a community store and participate in cooking classes, a breakfast program and the catering business.
Nor 'West Co-op Community Health 
 was founded in 1972 and has been working to provide accessible primary health care, counseling and childcare every since. Working in the tradition of alternative health models of the Canadian Prairies, NorWest offers an array of empowering health services to its members and partners; it is the only health co-op in Manitoba.

Childminders offers childcare services for organizations by providing reliable childcare during workshops and meetings, 
gathering, etc. Childminders works to empower women and communities by providing skill development opportunities for childcare workers, and reliable services for families.

W.R.E.N.C.H. views bicycles as personal empowerment. As such, their mission is to remove the barriers to building, repairing, and maintaining bicycles, a mission that also includes a focus on educating youth. The Winnipeg Repair Education and Cycling Hub supports a wealth of community bike shops around Winnipeg as well as a great selection of educational workshops.
Natural Cycle Worker Co-op Limited  offers a wide range of cycling services; whether it be the use of their environmentally
ethical courier service, bike maintenance, purchasing a new bicycle or even ordering a specific part, Natural Cycle can help you with all of your cycling needs. Located in Winnipeg's Exchange District, Natural Cycle is helping to promote healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

Minister of Healthy Living, Seniors and Consumer Affairs Jim Rondeau flanked by Shawn Feely of the Red Cross (L) and Carl Shier of the Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters (R) demonstrate life-jacket safety and proclaim National Water Safety Week.
Minister of Healthy Living, Seniors and Consumer Affairs Jim Rondeau flanked by Shawn Feely of the Red Cross (L) and Carl Shier of the Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters (R) demonstrate life-jacket safety and proclaim National Water Safety Week
July 17, 2013


– – –
Manitoba Expands Life-jacket Loaner Program to Selected Provincial Parks
Manitobans are urged to be aware of the importance of safety measures, including the use of
life-jackets and avoiding alcohol, when boating or swimming at the province’s many beautiful lakes, rivers and recreational swimming areas, Healthy Living, Seniors and Consumer Affairs Minister Jim Rondeau announced today.
“It only takes a second for a great day on the water to turn tragic,” said Rondeau.  “We urge parents and guardians to keep small children within arm’s reach at all times, and now, even if you forget a life-jacket, you can borrow one for the day.”
National Drowning Prevention Week is a life-saving initiative sponsored by the Lifesaving Society of Canada.  It is devoted to raising awareness of the risks of drowning and is focused on two key messages:
  • always wear a life jacket while in or near water, and
  • keep children within arm’s reach when swimming or playing in water.
Rondeau also announced the expansion of the ‘Kids Don’t Float’ life-jacket loaner program, which is part of a range of programs offered by the province and safety organizations to help families enjoy their summers on the province’s waters.
The Kid’s Don’t Float life-jacket loaner stations will be set up in partnership with the Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters at beaches in provincial parks where no life guards are on duty.  The first station is at the beach in Campers Cove boat launch at Clearwater Provincial Park.  Other stations will be added later this year at St. Malo, Moose Lake, Grass River, Paint Lake, Stephenfield, Manipogo and Rainbow Beach provincial parks.
“The simplicity of increasing personal safety around water is as easy as putting on a life-jacket, but it only works if you wear it,” said Carl Shier, chairperson, Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters.  “Eighty per cent of boating-related drowning victims in Canada were not wearing a life-jacket.”
The launch of these loaner stations comes just prior to National Drowning Prevention Week, which runs July 20 to 27.  The third week of July is statistically the most critical period of summer to be aware of water safety.
“Drowning is one of the leading causes of unintentional death for Canadians, so it’s important that everyone wears a life-jacket while enjoying activities in or on the water,” said Shawn Feely, provincial director, Red Cross, Manitoba.  “We urge parents to understand the risks to children and enrol themselves and their children in swimming and water-safety training.”
Rondeau noted the province has partnered with the Manitoba Coalition for Safer Waters since 2006 to provide a range of water-safety programs including:
  • a personal flotation device loaner program, which provides the free loan of PFDs that can be used for swimming lessons, boat trips and other community-led events in more than 70 northern and remote communities in Manitoba;
  • Manitoba Water Safety Grants, which provide a one-time grant up to $2,500 for community-led projects such as training lifeguards and swim instructors, improving waterfront signage, increasing supervision of young people near water or building barriers to protect the public from hazardous waterfronts; and
  • a public awareness campaign that emphasizes the importance of sober boating and keeping children within arm’s reach at all times when swimming.
Each year, the province partners with the Lifesaving Society of Canada to deliver the Northern Water Safety program, which includes Swim to Survive, BOAT, emergency first-aid and CPR training.  Last summer, six instructors travelled to 37 communities to work with more than 1,900 participants.
A winter safety program is also delivered each year in co-operation with the Frontier School Division, which last year provided advanced training to people in another seven northern outlying communities who are working towards achieving lifeguard/instructor status and want to increase local capacity for water safety training, Rondeau said.
The Lifesaving Society of Canada is a national, volunteer organization and charity comprising 10 provincial and territorial branches.  It is a leader and partner in the delivery of water-safety education throughout Canada, and has taught water safety and water rescue since 1896.
- 30 -

Premier Greg Selinger announces renewed funding for the Vehicle Technology Centre. Pictured (left to right) are Paul Soubry, president and chief executive officer of New Flyer Industries; Ron Vanderwees, president of the Vehicle Technology Centre; Premier Selinger; and Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade Minister Peter Bjornson.
Premier Greg Selinger announces renewed funding for the Vehicle Technology Centre. Pictured (left to right) are Paul Soubry, president and chief executive officer of New Flyer Industries; Ron Vanderwees, president of the Vehicle Technology Centre; Premier Selinger; and Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade Minister Peter Bjornson.

July 5, 2013


– – –
Industry-leading Sector Employs 6,500 Workers; Earns $2 Billion in Annual Sales: Selinger
The provincial government will renew funding to support Manitoba’s heavy vehicle manufacturers to continue developing new technologies that meet the high demands of municipalities and commercial firms, Premier Greg Selinger announced at New Flyer Industries today.
This year, the province is continuing to support innovation and the adoption of new technologies through a grant of $500,000 to the Vehicle Technology Centre.  The centre, a non-profit corporation formed in 2002, works with Manitoba manufacturers and suppliers to foster research and competitiveness.
“Our heavy vehicle manufacturing sector is a recognized leader in North America, creating and supporting thousands of good jobs,” said Selinger.  “Our continued investments in the Vehicle Technology Centre will leverage further investment and help this important industry continue to thrive and innovate in a competitive global market.”
Manitoba’s heavy vehicle manufacturing industry is home to North America’s largest bus manufacturers, New Flyer Industries and Motor Coach Industries; Canada’s largest fire truck manufacturer, Fort Garry Fire Trucks; and Canada’s largest manufacturer of tractors, Buhler Industries.  The sector is responsible for:
  • creating more than 6,500 jobs, representing approximately 10 per cent of Manitoba’s manufacturing workforce;
  • exporting about $1 billion in products, representing up to 10 per cent of Manitoba’s annual exports; and
  • earning more than $2 billion in annual sales.
“Today’s announcement supports innovation in Manitoba’s heavy vehicle manufacturing sector and is a fine example of industry and government working together to the benefit of Manitoba’s economy,” said Ron Vanderwees, president of the Vehicle Technology Centre.  “This type of co-operation builds advanced technical capabilities, develops world-class products and creates and maintains jobs in the province.”
“The Province of Manitoba’s contributions through the Vehicle Technology Centre are pivotal in helping us fund technical advancements in the transit industry as we continue to position ourselves as world-class leaders of innovation – from right here in Manitoba,” said Paul Soubry, president and chief executive officer of New Flyer.  “This funding enhances our bus electrification development program, and, more specifically, our rapid-charging technology prototypes that are so key for effective and broad commercialization and acceptance.”
Until this year, the Vehicle Technology Centre’s OEM-Supplier Development Program had been supported under the Canada-Manitoba Economic Partnership Agreement.  Under the previous agreement, which ran from 2009 to 2013, the program supported 11 projects that involved seven original equipment manufacturers and more than 40 Manitoba-based supplier companies.
“The Vehicle Technology Centre has been successful in leveraging additional research and development investment,” Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade Minister Peter Bjornson said.  “Under the previous agreement, government dollars helped stimulate a five-fold investment from industry in new technology, and this new provincial funding is expected to do the same.”
Among the many noteworthy projects in the past four years were a new aluminum bulk-haul trailer built by Winkler-based Lode King Industries and a 60-foot, articulated, compressed natural-gas powered bus built by New Flyer Industries, said Selinger.  New Flyer is now developing a new, all-electric, battery powered transit bus with a consortium of Manitoba partners including the Government of Manitoba, Red River College and Manitoba Hydro along with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and with the support of the Vehicle Technology Centre.
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