Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Buy Local for better health

Diversity Foods 
 is a collaboration between the University of Winnipeg's Community Renewal Corporation and SEED Winnipeg. It is designed to serve up delicious and locally-sourced food, all while offering meaningful employment opportunities to inner-city residents. In addition to the U of W campus restaurant, Diversity also offers a catering service, so call them for your next meeting, gathering or party.
Fruit Share  is a volunteer-led organization that will come pick your fruit and share the yield between yourself, themselves, and community groups. Started in 2010, the initiative is now active in several Manitoba communities, working to eliminate wasted fruit and foster a greater sense of community. If you have more fruit in your yard than you know what to do with, give Fruit Share a call, and know that it will be put to productive use.

L'Arche Tova Cafe 
offers you a delicious meal and makes known the gifts of people with developmental disabilities. It was established as social enterprise in 2012, and has since encouraged the public to interact with and get to know a person with a disability over a cup of coffee, thus fostering greater levels of inclusion and equality. Also keep L'Arche Tova Cafe in mind for your future catering needs.

Soup Bee 
is a non-profit social enterprise operated by the West Broadway Community Organization that offers two delicious gourmet soups each week (one vegetarian and one with meat). Soups are prepared in such a way that provides supportive employment opportunities to Winnipeg's downtown/core area; the program promotes local food security and environmental sustainability.

Sam's Place 
is a socially conscious bookstore and coffee house, catering service, and a local venue for music and artists. The organization's mission is to provide the Elmwood neighbourhood in Winnipeg with an inclusive multicultural meeting slace, working to promote social justice, education and change.
Immigrant Integration & Farming Co-operative  began its main operation, the Rainbow Community Gardens, in 2008. The membership of the co-operative is made up of newcomers to Winnipeg (and in most cases Canada), who are encouraged to grow their own fruits and vegetables, from which produce is retained by the families but also shared within their community and local markets.

Food Connections Project 
is a social enterprise and pre-employment program that offers delicious city-wide catering options. The program provides hands-on training in and for the hospitality industry. Participants are able to operate a community store and participate in cooking classes, a breakfast program and the catering business.
Nor 'West Co-op Community Health 
 was founded in 1972 and has been working to provide accessible primary health care, counseling and childcare every since. Working in the tradition of alternative health models of the Canadian Prairies, NorWest offers an array of empowering health services to its members and partners; it is the only health co-op in Manitoba.

Childminders offers childcare services for organizations by providing reliable childcare during workshops and meetings, 
gathering, etc. Childminders works to empower women and communities by providing skill development opportunities for childcare workers, and reliable services for families.

W.R.E.N.C.H. views bicycles as personal empowerment. As such, their mission is to remove the barriers to building, repairing, and maintaining bicycles, a mission that also includes a focus on educating youth. The Winnipeg Repair Education and Cycling Hub supports a wealth of community bike shops around Winnipeg as well as a great selection of educational workshops.
Natural Cycle Worker Co-op Limited  offers a wide range of cycling services; whether it be the use of their environmentally
ethical courier service, bike maintenance, purchasing a new bicycle or even ordering a specific part, Natural Cycle can help you with all of your cycling needs. Located in Winnipeg's Exchange District, Natural Cycle is helping to promote healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

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