Thursday, July 25, 2013

Immigrants make film

Some of the cast members of the movie The Finest Wine.
Some of the cast members of the movie The Finest Wine.
Fort Richmond residents who are members of Immanual Fellowship will premiere their locally made movie called The Finest Wine on Saturday, July 27.
All those involved in the movie are students at the University of Manitoba — a few are doctoral students, some are post-doctoral fellows and they have one thing in mind — addressing the social malaise of youth gang involvement, gang violence, parental negligence, dirty divorces and domestic violence.
The lead actress, Shade Gesindem, said the movie addresses the issue of diminishing love and vanishing affection in homes. According to her, this movie is out to bring peace back into homes that have become houses of commotion.
Another actor, doctoral engineering student Nana Baafour,explained that the movie aims to prevent the descent of children into violent drug gangs.
The movie is set in Winnipeg and all its scenes were recorded in Fort Richmond. It depicts a raging gang war in which bullets are about to fly; an innocent boy forcefully evicted from his home has now become a time-bomb ready to be detonated. After several twists and turns, the film ends with a "finest wine" miracle that challenges male and female, young and old, to spread unconditional love and to make joy and affection contagious.
Conrad Klassen, one of the actors, describes the movie as a teaching tool that is bound to be a revelation.
Yetunde Adewumi, Immanuel Fellowship's director of communications invites all residents to the premiere at 9 a.m. on Saturday, July 27 at the Cineplex Odeon McGillivray , 2190 McGillivray Blvd.
For more information, contact Yettie at 204-898-2253 or Vera at 204-485-6640.

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