Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cafe Talk Winnipeg
It's a grey day today. The wind is tossing the leaves about and send paper that litter the streets flying like kites in the air; no strings attached. Someone in my office says it reminds her of home. She is an Indo British young woman. This kind of weather makes her think of hot chocolate, warm blanket and surrounded by people who loves her. I am looking out of my office imagining that the like blue mirage of the swimming pool behind the Delta Hotel which my window overlooks, is the blue lagoon of any Caribbean Island skirted by fine white sand that catches between my toes as I walk along the beach.
I am thinking about my two daughters too who have gone on a little adventure via the Grey- hound Bus from Winnipeg to Vancouver to San Francisco, LA and then to Vancouver where they are going to attend the wedding party of Sahara McDonald to a Dominic. I do not know his last name. Sahara was a part of the Sugar Jones Band, the one my daugther Maiko Watson was a member of. She sounds very happy with her partner and I wish them well. It's a journey alright and that's all I will say about that.
I do admire my daughters. They are carefree, happy children who delight in going off by themselves exploring the world. More power to them I say. There is so much to see, it'd be a shame to be confined to one little corner of the universe. Having youth on their side does not hurt either.
That's the kind of day it has been in Winnipeg.