Monday, May 31, 2010

Wanted Faith Communities in Winnipeg to help at Habitat for Humanity

Grace Chei and her nine Children

Habitat for Humanity Winnipeg (HFHW) is looking for churches and members of the Christian community to get involved with our 'Faith Build'. With your help, Habitat will enable Cheiwlu (Chei), his wife Grace and nine children to make their own way with the purchase of a new home through a no down payment, interest-free mortgage. In addition, like all Habitat families, these payments will be geared towards family income, not the value of the property. Chei and Grace will show their commitment to Habitat by contributing 500 hours of "sweat equity", working on their own home, other homes or in the ReStore.
Contact Habitat on Archibald for more info.

BBC News - Brain gain: African migrants returning home

BBC News - Brain gain: African migrants returning home

Friday, May 28, 2010

My Documents on SlideShare

My Documents on SlideShare

Tim Hortons and Royal Bank give back to the community

Premier Greg Selinger, Conservation Minister Bill Blaikie and Tim Horton Children's Foundation vice-president Dave Newnham (L-R) announce a new youth leadership camp will be located near Sylvia Lake in the Whiteshell Provincial Park

Hello Everyone,
I have some breaking news information's I think will be interested to you , television and News paper . On Thursday May 27 at 10am the premier and president of Tim Horton's children foundation will be making announcing at the Legislative building on the stairs about the new site to be construct in Manitoba for the Tim Horton's children Leadership foundation.

The other information on Sat May 29 at 11.30am Royal Bank of Canada will be donating a cheque of $20,000.00 to construct two cricket batting cage at Maples Elwick Park, which is located on 30 Maberley st off Jefference.

On Wed June 2 will be Tim Horton's children Camp day and we will be having the Premier, Jennifer Jones, Bombers players and CJOB will be at 255 Maryland St Tim Horton's Stores. The Premier will be at the store at 7am Jennifer Jones will be at 7.30am and Bombers players will be at 9 am.
For further information please call me at 227-4193

Kamta Roy Singh(store Owner)
Cricket is Guyana's national sport and one that is played with the same intensity and love as children in Canada play hockey.  Thanks to Kamta Roy and some other Guyanese who are dedicated to promoting this sport to Canadian children.  It is a great sport and one suitable for people of all ages. sex and gender.

A perfect 10: Season 10 of 'Dancing With the Stars'

A perfect 10: Season 10 of 'Dancing With the Stars'

Casmiri Releases First CD

Thursday, May 27, 2010

AlterNet: The Police Murder of 7-Year-Old Aiyana Jones Is Even More Tragic Than You Think

Jerean Blake 17 years old  and Aiyana Jones 7 years old killed senselessly

This case is sad on many fronts. It is sad because a young, innocent girl has been killed because someone made the mistake of harbouring an alleged criminal under their roof. It is sad when our children or loved ones commit a wrong but if they have done something wrong then they must face the music. Hiding them out puts the whole family in danger and teach nothing to the criminal.
Had this family not make the fatal mistake of harbouring someone the police is looking for into their home then there would have been no reason for the police to be there.
Secondly, some police officers are trigger-happy and some white police officers are more trigger-happy when when it comes to Black people because of racism and discrimination in the US.
Life is touch for many people in the US and more tough for Black folks but there is no excuse for a life of crime. Crime begets crime and death of innocent people like this beautiful seven year old child. Let's not start on racism and forget why this happened in the first place. Black and white people have to take responsibility for making America safe and an equitable society which will go a long way to creating a safe country.

AlterNet: The Police Murder of 7-Year-Old Aiyana Jones Is Even More Tragic Than You Think

Interracial Marriage: Which Groups Are More Likely to Wed? -

Asian women have consistently topped the group that marries non-Asian men. They favour white men more than Asian men.  According to recent statistics 80 percent of American born Asian women marry white while 20 percent of US born Asian marry foreign born Asian.
Latinos like theirother Latinos best  but intermarriage to US whites has increase 8% in a decade. According to the research 12% more Latinos and 17% Latinas born in the US are marrying Latinos outside of the US.
While there is a perception by black women that Black men marry outside of their race more often it is not true. Blacks are only three times as likely to marry outside of their race than others. Perhaps the blacks that marry outside of their race are public figures hence the public perception.
  One of the reasons why Blacks stick to their own race could be because visually Blacks are more distinctly diverse that other groups. Most of the other groups Asian, Latinos, East Indians may share similar skin colour, hair texture  and facial features whereas Blacks stand out by these same traits and perhaps that could be the reason that others are a little less adventurous to dating or marrying blacks and blacks (especially black women)  might also be more leery about seeing other races as possible partners. However as time goes on and our world become more multicultural people may get to know each other better and black might just be the necessary ingredient that will make the planet more beautiful.

Interracial Marriage: Which Groups Are More Likely to Wed? -

Jamaican Forces Hunt Target of Raid -

When government is lax on crimes and criminal activities, this is what happens. The criminals become powerful political figures themselves. In Jamaica it seems like Christopher Coke built up fences for himself by taking care of the people the state turned its back upon and these are the people who are now .Coke's strongest allies. Coke built a little Kingdom in the ghetto called Tivoli Gardens and his subjects like what he is up to and want hands off by the government. The way some folks described Coke he sounds like a modern day Robin Hood. Let this be a warning to governments who are soft on criminal activities and turn a blind eye to poverty and the disenfranchised in their midst. The underdogs may one day rise up and over take the country.

Jamaican Forces Hunt Target of Raid -

Homemade Beauty Products |

The previous one was Part 1 and this is Part 2 (I think) check it out.

Homemade Beauty Products

Homemade Beauty Products |

I watched this show of Steven and Chris and was delighted to learn that ordinary products can enhance the way we look and feel about ourselves.  If you want to save money, be environmentally friendly and look better for it, check out this video and learn some neat tricks of the beauty trade using stuff from your pantry.
Very enlightening.
Homemade Beauty Products

Are you Passionate about Freedom for Tibetans? Here's an opportunity for you

Another paid internship opportunity.
Ashley Arden

Sent: May 21, 2010 1:14 PM

Subject: Come Intern with SFT Canada this Summer!
Are you dedicated to the Tibetan freedom movement? Are you a student or do

you know a student looking for a summer job?
SFT Canada is hiring one student intern for a 9-week summer internship at

SFT Canada's headquarters in Toronto!

As an intern, you will gain a thorough understanding of the Tibetan Freedommovement, work on SFT Canada's campaigns, and get hands on grassroots organizing experience.
You will work with the National Director on office operations as well as on  grassroots coordination; corresponding with supporters and chapters across Canada; creating and maintaining databases; participating in SFT-organized activities; and maintaining the SFT website amongst other responsibilities.
This is a paid position for 30 hours per week beginning June 21, 2010. You will also be expected to attend the SFT FREE TIBET! ACTION CAMP from June 23-29th in Phoenicia, NY.
Interested candidates may send their résumé and cover letter by Friday, June 4, 2010.
As this position is funded through the Canada Summer Jobs program, the
intern must be someone who:

a. was registered as a full-time student during the preceding
academic year;
b. intends to return to school on a full-time basis during the next academic year;
c. is a student in a secondary, post-secondary, CEGEP (Quebec only),vocational or technical program;
d. is between 15 and 30 years of age (inclusive at the start of employment);
e. is a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person on whom refugee protection has been conferred under the immigration and Refugee Protection Act;
f. is legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial/territorial legislation and regulations.
- Commitment to the Tibetan Freedom Movement. Experience volunteering with SFT is an asset.
- Good communication skills.
- Experience working with young people and people from diverse cultures.
- Good computer skills, including knowledge of databases, spreadsheets, email, word processing. Graphic design and web design skills are a plus.
- Fluency in spoken and written in English. Tibetan or French language skills a plus.
- A desire and enthusiasm to work for Tibetan independence.

- The ability work independently.

- Creativity, integrity and flexibility.

Students for a Free Tibet Canada (SFT Canada) is a youth-led national

organization with a grassroots membership base, including chapters at

universities and high-schools across the country. Using education,

grassroots organizing, nonviolent direct action, and innovative web

and communications technologies, SFT Canada engages in strategic

campaigns to promote human rights and freedom in Tibet. SFT empowers and

trains young Tibetans and Tibet supporters to be effective activists and

leaders in movements for social justice.

SFT Canada is a national branch of Students for a Free Tibet International.

SFT's global network is led and coordinated by SFT Headquarters (SFT HQ)

located in New York City. The SFT Canada National Director works closely

with the SFT HQ staff.
For further information, please contact:

Tenzin Lobsang and everyone at SFT Canada

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Profiling Johns

The Manitoba Women’s Advisory Council (Status of Women) invites you to a

Lunch & Learn session:

Manitoba Women's Advisory Council presents:
· Topic: A Profile of Johns and Prostitution Offender Programs
· Presenter: Dianna Bussey, Director, Salvation Army Correctional and Justice Services
· Thursday, June 10, 2010
· Basement level, 401 York Avenue (Norquay Building)

· Doors open at 11:45 a.m.

· Presentation from 12:05 to 1:00 p.m.
Coffee and a healthy snack will be served. Please RSVP to 945-6281

Manitoba ROCKS!

Join Manitoba Innovation, Energy and Mines in celebrating Provincial Mining Week at The Forks Market Plaza from Thursday, May 27 to Saturday, May 29, 2010.

· Enter free draws.
· Participate in fun activities.

· Learn about the minerals we use every day.

For more information phone 945-6569 in Winnipeg; toll free 1-800-223-5215; visit; or e-mail:

Warning from the British Ministry of health about Energy Saving bulbs

These type of bulbs which are called Energy Saving or low Energy bulbs, if it's broken it can causes serious danger! As much that everybody will have to leave the room for at least 15 minutes.
Because it contains Mercury (poisonous) which cause migraine, disorientation, imbalances and different other health problems while inhalation.
And many people with allergies, causes them severe skin condition and other diseases just by touching this substance or inhaling it.
Also the ministry warned NOT to clean the debris of the broken bulb with the vacuum cleaner, because it would spread the contamination to other rooms in the house while using the vacuum cleaner again.
It must be cleaned through normal broom or brush and be kept in a sealed bag and thrown right away from the house in the bin for hazardous materials.
Notice: Mercury is dangerous, more poisonous than lead or arsenic!!!!

 This came in the email today I am not sure how authentic it is but be aware of it

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dhalla bill: No sense | Tom Brodbeck | Columnists | News | Winnipeg Sun

A few years ago while in Toronto there was a raging debate on the issue of old age pension for people who have not contributed a dime to this country. The most vociferous voices against this were immigrants themselves. Many felt it is not fair that after spending so many years working in the cold and harsh climate that at the end of the day they get the same or sometimes even less than people who have not put in their time here.
I believe that when we as adult immigrants bring our aged parents to this country, then we should be responsible for their upkeep. Of course the seniors should have access to free health care and this is a problem too because when we are older we use the health care system much more frequently that when we are older. Our aged parents come here and become a burden to society because they cannot and do not contribute. What is the responsibility of the children of these parents? In the old country we take care of our own parents, why should it be different now? Some of us come here and become selfish and self-centred. We owe something to our parents who brought us into this world and we should be happy to do so. We should take care of them joyfully instead of having them draw from a system they have not contributed to. I am sure that many of these people are eligible for old age pensions in their countries of origin. So they will be getting two old age pensions while we here in Canada will receive only one. There is only so much a system can take before it breaks and makes it bad for everyone. Let's not over do it people, let us be reasonable. Kill this bill.

Dhalla bill: No sense Tom Brodbeck Columnists News Winnipeg Sun

Poster educates immigrants on prostitution - Winnipeg Free Press

It is unfortunate when you read in the papers that new Canadians are over represented in the exploitation of women. There is a campaign to educate these men that it is wrong to be a pimp. I don't think these men needs education. They know what they are doing is wrong. They may have been involved in trafficking of women even before they come to this country.
This is one of the crimes I think that the government should deport men who come here and start engaging is this practice. We do not need more johns in this country. This message should be clear to newcomers at the point of contact to let them know that some crimes will not be permitted and will result in deportation. This should be one of them. It is one of the most despicable crimes against humanity mostly women. It destroys lives and souls.
Yes, trafficking in women is now the new drug for men and an easy avenue to riches. This must be stopped.

Poster educates immigrants on prostitution - Winnipeg Free Press

Feds cracking down on immigration involving marriage | Canada | News | Winnipeg Sun

Some folks will do anything to get a Canadian or American visa. In spite of some of the difficulties facing newcomers in settlment and integration, Canada and the US are still seen as a land of opportunities.
Change is coming. The government is taking steps to curb this practice as well as to deal with other fraudulent claims by some to get into Canada. It has been a long practice of forced marriage, or arranged marriage to get a person a landed immigrant visa and when that has been accomplished the marriage dissolves. Usually there is a fee for such arrangements. Well that would not be so easily done now.

Feds cracking down on immigration involving marriage Canada News Winnipeg Sun

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Commuter Challenge for Manitobans - May 30 to June 5 2010

May 18, 2010


Residents Urged to use Environmentally Friendlier Ways to Get Around May 30 to June 5: Selinger

Manitobans are being challenged to use environmentally friendly transportation during the national Commuter Challenge from May 30 to June 5, Premier Greg Selinger announced today.

“We encourage Manitobans to take this important step toward creating a greener province by using cleaner, healthier ways to commute,” Selinger said at the Commuter Challenge kickoff at the new Manitoba Hydro Building. “Using public transportation, biking, walking or car-pooling are great ways to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. These simple acts are among the best ways we can ensure our children will have a healthier future.”
“Our employees have long been enthusiastic supporters of the Commuter Challenge,” said Bob Brennan, president and CEO of Manitoba Hydro. “It seems especially relevant to launch the event at our new downtown headquarters, where the number of employees green commuting to and from the workplace has exceeded expectations.”

“Green commuting is easier than many people think – carpool with your spouse or a friend, take the bus once a week, ride your bike or walk under sunny skies. Save money, have fun and be active at the same time,” said Colin Crolly, chair, Resource Conservation Manitoba, provincial organizers of the Commuter Challenge.

Participating individuals will record their modes of transportation for the week. Each person who participates will be counted as a green commuter. At the end of the week, cities, towns and workplaces from across the country with the highest average percentage of individuals using sustainable transportation methods to get to and from work or school will be declared the most commuter friendly.

“We thank and congratulate Resource Conservation Manitoba for their outstanding efforts in co‑ordinating the National Commuter Challenge here in Manitoba for the past 10 years,” said Selinger.

Provincewide participation by workplaces and communities in last year’s challenge saw the green kilometres logged by Manitobans result in a reduction of more than 100 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and a fuel cost saving of about $30,000.

Last year, Winnipeg defended its title and placed first among major Canadian cities for an unprecedented sixth year in a row.

“Resource Conservation Manitoba and the Commuter Challenge are motivating more and more Manitobans to adopt new ways of travelling that improve the environment while helping themselves lead healthier and more active lives,” said Selinger. “This is a clear demonstration of the huge commitment by individual Manitobans to reduce their carbon footprints and address the harmful effects of climate change.”

- 30 -

Friday, May 14, 2010

Government offers protection to grieving families uder Code of Ethics

May 13, 2010


– – –

Province also Launches Review of Cemeteries Act, Prearranged Funeral Laws

Families now have greater protection when purchasing funeral and cremation services under the strengthened Funeral Directors and Embalmers Act, Family Services and Consumer Affairs Minister Gord Mackintosh announced today.

“For grieving families, there are immediate and often complex funeral arrangements to make at a time when they are most vulnerable,” said Mackintosh. “With these changes, which came into effect on Feb. 1, we have one of the strongest acts in Canada. It will help ensure transparency and accountability by funeral homes and remove the worry that families may be treated unfairly.”

Each year in Manitoba there are about 10,000 deaths. A mandatory and enforceable code of ethics now in effect requires that:

· itemized price lists in plain language are provided;

· remains cannot be withheld if payment is late;

· family confidentiality is maintained;

· family directions are followed;

· advertising is truthful and not misleading;

· a mandatory, 24-hour contract cancellation period is in place; and

· a family or independent adviser is present when a purchaser is a vulnerable person.

Regulations now require funeral directors provide consumers with clear, complete and consistent information about available supplies and services including an itemized statement of the supplies and services selected by the consumer and the cost for each, the minister said.

The code of ethics and regulations are backed up with a direction that funeral directors inform purchasers of their rights and the complaint process at an initial meeting.

The regulations also provide for a stronger range of remedies including fines, licence suspensions, the ability to assess hearing costs and a website ( where Manitobans can review information about hearings of disciplined funeral directors.

“The funeral homes we represent have always endeavoured to provide the highest quality service to those in need,” said Jody Nicholson, president, Manitoba Funeral Service Association. “These new regulations build upon that excellent record and will enhance our openness to the public.”

These changes are part of Let’s Make a Better Deal, Manitoba’s five-year consumer protection strategy. To see the strategy, go to

Mackintosh also announced that a review of the Cemeteries Act and the Prearranged Funeral Services Act is part of the consumer protection strategy. Manitobans are invited to provide advice or concerns by contacting the Public Utilities Board at 204-945-2638, 400 - 330 Portage Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3C 0C4 or

For more information, consumers can contact the regulatory body for funeral directors and embalmers at the Board of Administration at 204-947-1098 or 254 Portage Ave., Winnipeg, MB R3C 0B6.

- 30 -

Monday, May 03, 2010

A Life of Determination and Dependence - Video Library - The New York Times

Despite disabilities a young Jamaican woman in New York is trying to make her dreams come true. Check out this video
A Life of Determination and Dependence - Video Library - The New York Times

CBC Diversity Scholarship

CBC Diversity Scholarship - Now includes 8-week work experience plus $1,000. Deadline: May 28


We recently updated our CBC Diversity Scholarship. It now includes a $1,000 cash scholarship and an eight-week work experience at CBC Manitoba in July and August 2010.
Please help us get the word out about this opportunity.

The scholarship is meant for youth graduating high school with the intention of entering the field of broadcasting or journalism.

One scholarship will be handed out to a successful youth who comes from an ethnic or ancestral background that is a visible minority or Aboriginal.

The application deadline is May 28, 2010.
Applicants must be in their final year of high school, present a minimum average of 70%, live in Manitoba at time of application and hold Canadian citizenship or residency. All applicants must come from an ethnic or ancestral background that is a visible minority or Aboriginal. The recipient should also be available to complete an eight-week work experience at CBC Manitoba in Winnipeg in July and August 2010.

Applicants are required to complete an essay addressing the question, What is the role of the CBC in our community?, and to provide recent high school transcripts.
"CBC is committed to representing the diversity of people and voices that make up Canada and this community," explains John Bertrand, Managing Editor of English Radio and Television for CBC Manitoba. "We want talented young people to consider working here to help us do that. We've created this scholarship to support and encourage those high school students who've already made the decision to pursue a career in journalism or broadcasting. They will be the CBC journalists and programmers of the future."

I have attached an application form in a PDF file

Additional forms can be downloaded at or picked up at CBC Manitoba, 541 Portage Avenue.
Stacy Cardigan Smith
Communications officer
CBC Manitoba
Tel: 204 788 3129
Fax: 204 788 3104
Cell: 204 781 4942

Government moves to improve quality of life for seniors

May 3, 2010
Government Supports Programs to Help Make Manitoba Most Age-friendly Province: Rondeau

Five programs have received $170,000 to support work with Manitoba seniors, Healthy Living, Youth and Seniors Minister Jim Rondeau announced today at the Centre on Aging’s annual Spring Research Symposium.

“These initiatives are all collaborations with other organizations intended to improve seniors’ quality of life throughout Manitoba,” said Rondeau. “By working together and building on existing resources, we are speeding up our progress in becoming the most age-friendly province in Canada.”

Three Age-Friendly Manitoba projects are aimed at strengthening connections between seniors and their communities, said the minister. Organizations that are already active in communities have received funding to develop tools, strengthen connections and expand programs that will make many Manitoba communities more age-friendly. The funding includes:

· $40,000 received by the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce to reach out to the rural Manitoba business community to pilot and test innovative opportunities for older workers;

· $25,000 to help Creative Retirement further develop an intergenerational program called Seniors and Students Learning Together;

· $40,000 being utilized by the Manitoba Association of Multipurpose Seniors Centres to work with seniors centres to engage them in age-friendly initiatives and foster links between them and the age‑friendly committees in their communities.
Rondeau also announced that funding has been provided to Age and Opportunity to secure an additional suite in the Safe Suite Program, part of the Provincial Elder Abuse Strategy. This program provides temporary housing for older adults who are experiencing abuse. They receive counselling services, furnished accommodations for up to 60 days, Victoria Lifeline service and practical assistance with arranging financial, legal, housing and support services. Manitoba provides $25,000 in annual support for this program, which now includes three full-time suites and one part-time suite in Winnipeg. The need for the program outside of Winnipeg is currently being assessed.

Rondeau also received the Profile of Manitoba Seniors 2010 from Dr. Janice Ristock, associate vice‑president (research) at the University of Manitoba. Funded at a cost of $40,000 by Manitoba Healthy Living, Youth and Seniors, the University of Manitoba compiled extensive data regarding the lives of Manitoba seniors into one comprehensive document. The result of this collaboration is a profile that includes a wide variety of statistical information for use by those working with older Manitobans.

The latest edition of The Manitoba Seniors Guide was also released at the symposium. The guide is a resource for older Manitobans to learn what services are available and how to access them.
“These five projects will help enable Manitoba’s seniors to lead more active, socially engaging and independent lives which reduces the risk of loneliness and depression and creates a better quality of life,” said Rondeau. “Manitoba is proud to be a leader in programs and supports for older Manitobans. This is the best way that we can thank them for their contributions to our fine quality of life in this province.”

The Age-Friendly Manitoba Initiative is improving the health, independence and well-being of older Manitobans across the province, the minister said. Along with addressing physical aspects such as design and maintenance of sidewalks, transportation and housing, Age-Friendly Manitoba supports needs such as social participation, community support and health services, civic participation and employment.
Seniors are one of the fastest-growing age groups in Canada with approximately 14 per cent of the population over 65. With 166,500 seniors, Manitoba has one of the highest per-capita populations in the country.