Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mangoes suck in our supermarkets

If you are craving mangoes, I have to tell you it is not a good time to buy.  The stores are filled with forced ripe mangoes. Tonight I bought a mango at Price Choppers at Stafford and Pembina and it was horrible. It looked delicious on the outside but when you cut it it is black and stringy like hell.
I warned the clerk that  will be taking it back.

I was assured they'd exchange or refund. 
'The mangoes are quite expensive  almost two dollars. This is ridiculous. Avoid the stuff until maybe closer to Christmas.  Make sure to return bad good - it is the only way for the suppliers to learn the less.

When you get mangoes like this it is because the farmers picked them green and forced them to soften and appear ripe.  This is just meant to dupe customers who do not know these things.

This is not right.

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