Monday, August 22, 2011

Jack Layton gone too soon

I felt it in my heart when I heard Jack Layton died. It was like I heard my brother died. My heart sank into sadness momentarily then it sparked with pride when I thought of all the things he had accomplished in one life.He was the politician we could trust and whom Canadians show that trust in the last election by returning his as political opposition to keep the Harper government in check.

He has left us with a good message of love, optimism and hope as virtues Canadian should embrace to live a happy life. Let us listen to Jack.

He has worked hard for us and he deserves his rest but rest assured he will be doing bigger tasks in the next world because he has passed with flying colours. So let us not grieve but be thankful that such a man lived among us and left us with his inspiration, his smiles and generous heart. Rest in peace, my friend, my fellow human, my leader, my brother in spirit.

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