Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How does it feel to retire

Will I ever know or am I one of those people who will always have to work? Today I had lunch with a friend who is retiring and leaving for Mexico. Imagine not having to get up and think about work and free to do whatever your heart desires?  Like a child does. It is true the wise woman says Once a woman twice a child. Must be sweet.
   As an immigrant woman, we sometimes do not get to put in enough time in our jobs in Canada to retire "early".  It's not that we have not put in the time, just not in one place and at a place with benefits. I've worked for about 26 years in Canada and only 12 of those years are with benefits. Besides that I had worked in my old country so I've done my time but cannot show the proper dime lol.
   I'm happy for those who have the choice. It's beautiful.

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