Sunday, August 28, 2011

Manitoba's secret little places

The Evergreen Village
I wouldn't have known such a place exist if I was not invited to Tope and Shawn's wedding on the weekend of August 28, 2011.
The Evergreen Village is on Highway 59 South just a few kilometres from the Niverville turn off. The entrance to this hideout is  well pruned into a natural arch formed by trees in the area which leads to a wonderful park-like area which a couple of halls and a house  on the property. There are also beautiful lawn furniture and sculptures and .
Tope's wedding was outdoors and everything was perfect for the occasion. Clear blue skies, white covered chairs with big pink bows, fountain of rum punch, a heavenly decorated room where the reception was held. It was a perfect day for a perfect occasion. The bride was absolutely stunning. There were lots of exciting backdrops for photo-opportunity.
   One thing that stood out at this wedding was it diversity. There were no majority culture at this wedding. The couple were Nigerian-Canadian and Canadian Caucasian and the audience reflected Canada's diversity. It was beautiful. I wish for more weddings like these that bring nations together, families togethers and cultures together. Way to go.

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