Thursday, September 01, 2011

The problem with cats

This morning on CBC there was a story about cruelty to cat in the Winnipeg area including Rathgar Avenue. Cats are turning up dead.  One in the Wolsley area was found hanging by a thread,  This is cruel and animals should not be punished for the negligence of their owners.
   Cruelty to animals is never right and as humans we should protect them because they have a right to the environment as we have.
   However, these animals are no ordinary animals but trained house pets and as such the responsibility lies with owners to take care of these animals. In the Rathgar area it is not uncommon to see cats roaming around the streets, sometimes they congregate in the back lane and  if you're driving you just spot these shining eyes.
    I know many people complain about cats wrecking up their gardens peeing and poop around their plants. That's not right. Just like you contain your dogs, you also should ensure that your pet does not become a nuisance to others.
   Perhaps the pet killer is insane and needs empathy and perhaps it's one of those angry property owner who are tired of the pet nuisance and went crazy on the pets.  Pet owners please be kind to your pets and take care of them, know where they are at all times please.  If you can;t do that give it away to a farmer who has more land space to accommodate pets.

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