Monday, September 26, 2011

Search Light in the area of Crazy Corner - around Osborne Bridge area

Last Saturday (24/09/11)  morning about 1:00 a.m. I got up to turn off my TV when I noticed a plane or something like a plane hovering fairly low over by the Crazy Corner area and circling from there to the old train station area near to the bridge. I got up and looked at its circular movement for about ten minutes or more;  this thing was circling and shining a directed light on the ground. The light blinded me temporarily a few times as it shone directly in my face. I watched it for a while wondering what they were doing. Who could it be? What could it be looking for?
This might sound funny but I thought it might be a UFO and the people were coming to get me (lol). I wanted to pick  up the phone and phone my friends telling them if I am not there in the morning I went for a trip with the aliens.
Seriously, has anyone else witnessed the light. I want to know what they were doing. The light was blinding bright and it was like people looking for something. Could this be an unidentified flying object?

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