Friday, September 30, 2011

A new Chapter for Its's a new day

After 35 years of New Days, Willard and Betty Thiessen have decided it’s time for a new chapter.
The Winnipeg couple responsible for turning a modest, daily religious program into a small-scale broadcasting empire have announced they’re retiring, and have groomed their daughter and son-in-law, Bob and Audrey Meisner, to assume day-to-day hosting duties on their Christian daytime talk show, It’s a New Day.
This is a great show that I watch even though I am not a Christian but I like the approach of Bob and Audrey and the interesting guest they invite. I have learned a lot. I will miss Willard and Betty, two household names in the Winnipeg community but they have done their job in passing the mantle to an equally dynamic couple. Thank you for the years.

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