Saturday, October 01, 2011

Air Canada moves to protect its staff from violence

Air Canada is not taking chances with the safety of its staff. According to reports by CBC Winnipeg, the airline will no longer place its overnight staff in the downtown hotelsbecause of the rash of criminal activities occurring in the downtown recently.  Will this keep the staff from hitting the road once they arrive in Winnipeg? How much fun is that being stuck in the airport area. Anyway, perhaps when businesses start to feel the pinch, something will be done to stop crime in the City.   The City needs to do more to attract a larger crowd down town. The more people are visible the less criminal activity there will be. This is a proven fact. Perhaps an incentive to move people in the down town area could be a lower tax base. Subsidized parking, more publicly sponsored events in the malls, the library and other public spaces.
   We have to start thinking outside the box. Putting criminals in jail won't do the trick. For every ne we lock up there are 10 more to take their place. We  need a more proactive, creative approach.
    When there is a game in town the downtown is packed with people. This shows that people are not afraid of being in the downtown, there are just no incentive for them to leave the burbs to come down town just to drink coffee.

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