Sunday, October 09, 2011

Happy thanksgiving friends

I came across this comment by someone in Huffington Post a few years ago and I think it is really nice, it spoke to me  so I am going to share it with you

I'm thankful that I live in Canada, a country where, if I get sick, I don't have to worry how much is in my bank account...­..where rates of violent crime are so damn low, they're WIMPY! Where strong government­al (sorry, righties, GOVERNMENT­AL) regulation of the financial industry allowed us to avoid the worst of the meltdown and emerge with the least-dama­ged economy of any G-8 country.

I hope that, someday, the haters and obstructio­nists who are thwarting the will of the American majority will come to their senses, so that your great country, which led the world in progress for so long, can once again do so.

Canada's Thanksgiving is in October, but, on this day dedicated to unity and togetherne­ss in the U.S., I wish all Americans peace, both foreign and domestic.

Now enjoy your turkey, eh?


Adam616: I'm thankful that I live in Canada, a country where,

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