Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Proud to be Winnipeg

Winnipeggers have shown themselves to be great sports fans. It was a weekend in Jets heaven, when it seems like all of Winnipeg was out in full support of the return of their beloved Jets. According to the police, there have not been one arrest. This is fantastic even though the Jets lost their first game rather badly.
    I was also encouraged by the economic activity and everyone cashing in on the Jetsasia (my word). The Premier and the Mayor both agreed that the Jets have brought back some real life to the downtown and they are predicting this trend will increase as more and more  young people choose downtown locations to live.

Please we need more cozy coffee shops and late night eateries in the down town for some of us night owls. It is what is missing. How about if the City waive a year's tax for some new businesses  to give them an edge. We need diversity in the downtown business community  - more than just Chinese restaurants and Japanese sushi, we need to see coffee shops or snack bars from the African, Latinamerican, Indian, Mexican, Portuguese and all the rest. There is so much potential so let's cash in on it for our City. Let us make Winnipeg a destination city for rural people, from Ontarians and other.
Go Winnipeg, go Jets and let's work together to make our city stronger, safer and a place to come home to.

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