Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Family and It's a Holiday

Many might interpret this to be the only day they should spend with their families. Don't think I like this idea of a family day. Some of us might come to think that this is the only day we should set aside for family. Every day is family day. We must give priority to our families every single day of the year. The next thing you'll see, is the commercialization of family day. Soon the persuaders would suggest we spend a lot of money buying gifts and special food for family day and everything goes downhill from there.
I would much rather see we focus on Louis Riel Day and celebrate what he stood for. He stood and fought for freedom. We may want to think of ways we can fight for freedom especially for those who cannot do so for themselves. I do not mean physical fight but, believing in nonviolence advocacy and protests, we can find a lot of opportunities to do so today. For those of you are are newcomers to Canada, take the opportunity to get to know your Aboriginal population who are the original owners of the land upon which we now live. Find out about the history of the Forks and the importance it was in early days for the Aboriginal people.
   Just take a walk down your street and see what you can find.  Support Festival Du Voyageur if you have never done so before. It celebrates Riel, take a walk down to the Forks and support an Aboriginal business, help that community to rise to the level of other Canadians in terms of financial development.
Here's an article about Louis Riel, I found it interesting and informative.

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