Thursday, February 23, 2012

350,000 euros in human trafficking profits

published today Feb 23 05:16 PM
Thai massage parlours
There are numerous Thai massage parlours on Lahti's Rautatienkatu street.
Image: YLE Lahti
Preliminary investigations into organized prostitution and human trafficking involving Thai massage parlours in Lahti have been completed. Two Finnish men are suspected of serious felonies and of making large profits off the illegal sex trade.
During the investigation, police questioned 60 people, two of whom are now suspected of organizing prostitution and of human trafficking. The suspects are a Thai massage parlour owner and another Finnish man who is thought to have supplied women from abroad for the prostitution operation.
At an earlier stage of the investigation, police also suspected the owner's Thai-born wife of involvement, but police now say that she was a victim and not a perpetrator of the crimes.
The chief suspect is in police custody. It is estimated that over a period of two years he collected a sum of around 350,000 euros from the prostitution operation.
Last November, police raided eleven Thai massage parlours and two private homes in Lahti. The eleven massage parlours were closed. Since then, many have reopened under new management.

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