Thursday, February 16, 2012

Here goes the Vagina Monologues Again

Who cares whether this person has a vagina or a penis? No one except his or her partner.  We make heroes out of people like you won't believe it. For every life there is a story - even the most ordinary mundane life has something to tell and to teach but we only focus on the extremes and I am tired of being motivated by extremes.  I just like to be motivate by ordinary lives. How do you live your life authentically.
If you born with a vagina in a body that looks like what society describes as male maybe the universe is trying to teach us to be more open minded, that yes there are people who look one way and could be something else. Why do we always have to conform to society's notion of the world, who knows what is the norm, who decides what is the norm - we decide what is the norm - we come to a collective understanding and that can change. It is maybe time for us to get out of the black and white era and enter the world of colours

Anyway the U of W students will be given a lesson in motivation by this human being who has one commenter puts it caved in to society's definition of what the human person ought to be like and is making a living doing so - sometimes it all comes down to just that  - what I can get from doing this or that?

He once marketed himself as "the man with the vagina." Now transsexual educator and adult filmmaker Buck Angel tours as a motivational speaker, and he’ll be speaking at the University of Winnipeg this Friday.
Angel will give a presentation titled "The Buck Angel Effect" at Riddell Hall at 8 p.m. Admission is free.
The founder of Buck Angel Entertainment will share the story of his transition from female to male while challenging the audience’s notion of what makes someone a man or a woman and delivering a message of empowerment through self-acceptance.

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