Monday, December 19, 2011

Another one for Older Workers who want Respect and one for the Tories

   After two decades of employers trying to force out older workers from the workforce whether they are ready or not, the human rights law has come down on the side of the workers and why not?
I've always said that I do not understand retirement and what is it's purpose? I agree this should be optional. No one should be forced to give up his job unless there is bona fide reason for it such as work performance.
   Many older people retire to a life of poverty both financially, morally and spiritually. There should be a place for everyone to make meaningful contribution to society and his or her livelihood until such time they just can't do it anymore.
Work keeps people happy and involved in life. Our elders have much to teach and should be given the opportunity to do so.
  I am happy to see that forcing an older worker into la la land is now interpreted as discrimination based on age. It is the right and humane decision.
Two decades since Ottawa’s first attempt to kill mandatory retirement, the Conservative government has managed to quietly overturn legislation that has for 30 years given federally regulated employers the right to force workers into retirement because of their age.

The section of the Canadian Human Rights Act that permitted mandatory retirement was officially repealed by the government’s Budget Implementation Bill, which received Royal Assent last week. Now that the budget bill is formally on the books, the country’s 12,000 federally regulated employers will no longer be able to force their 800,000 employees into retirement beginning December 2012.

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