Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Egyptian Women mauled by hooligans and violent men

 Warning - graphic image of violence against women by Egyptian military.  The women who bravely support each other are the heroes in this. They will not back down in the face of thugs who call themselves men. 
    The video shows members of the military kicking and beating women for standing up for their rights.

Today, several hundred women gathered for a march to expose the military’s sexual violence against female demonstrators and demand a regime change. Activists used Twitter to organize the rally, with the hashtag#bluebra. Protesters carried pictures of women, elderly people and teenagers who had been beaten up by the police. Many men formed a protective circle around the women marchers so they could not be assaulted.
There is a reason why Time magazine picked The Protester as its Person of the Year–and there is a reason why the protester on that Time cover is a woman. Throughout the Arab Spring, from Iran to Saudi Arabia to Egypt, women have been on the frontlines of the protests, demanding more rights, as well as behind the scenes, shaping their countries’ revolutions.

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