Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Press Release 

Canadians of Eritrean Origin in Winnipeg and Manitoba, the Eritrean Community in Winnipeg Inc. The Youth Association of the Eritrean Community in Winnipeg, the Women Association of the Eritrean Community of Manitoba
Will be holding a Demonstration
in front of the Offices of the Free Press 1355 Mountain Avenue
 on Thursday the 15th of December at 12:30 p.m.

To oppose and strongly reject the serious
Mass Media Distortion  from the Winnipeg Free Press with  unfounded allegations of terrorism against the Eritrean Community

-Dismayed by the irresponsible writing of two articles-stated below-  that is harming our community and polarizing our members in Winnipeg and in Canada among Eritreans and other African Communities.
-Concerned that the one sided stories are promoting a sense of social marginalization and political selectivity among the new immigrant African Community in Manitoba that is affecting our relationship with our fellow Canadian neighbours.
Concerned about the effect that this will have on our children and the new generation of Canadians of Eritrean origin.
-Dismayed by the irresponsible writing on the  paper regarding issues pertaining the Eritrean community in general and the Eritrean Community In Winnipeg Inc. with unfounded allegation of terrorism links, money extortion and breach of privacy.
-Disturbed by the fact that your Newspaper had done no serious effort to listen to our voice and provide an opportunity to respond to the  serious  allegations  against the Eritrean-Canadian Community.
  • We urge the Winnipeg Free Press to stop incriminating, marginalizing  the Eritrean Community In Winnipeg by posting unfounded allegations
  • We urge the Winnipeg Free Press to rectify and restore the social stigmatization and defamations that has occurred due to the irresponsible writing. 
Protest links seminar to Eritrean terrorists” Matt Preprost
Posted: 08/23/2010
By Carol Sanders, Winnipeg Free Press November 25, 2011
Country they fled has long tentacles   Regime taps Eritrean refugees for cash

For more information please contact
Lambros Kyriakakos     Yohannes   Mehari     Mehari Negusse     M. Ogbagabriel
 204 7944981                     204  8802260     204 296 6112            204 6883777
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 Tutoring Program
 Photography Project

Eritrean Women Photography Project



The Eritrean Community in Winnipeg is an incorporated organization that represents the Eritrean community, one of the first African ethno cultural communities that was established in Manitoba.  It is part of an umbrella organization, the African Communities of Manitoba Inc (ACOMI).  Many people from the East African country of Eritrea came to Canada during the pre-independence years of intense turmoil and conflict.  The first Eritreans came in the 70’s and established themselves as a formal community organization in 1983 in Winnipeg. Last year The Eritrean Community in Winnipeg celebrated 28 years of presence in Manitoba. The Eritrean Community in Winnipeg has 2,200 members.

The Eritrean Community in Winnipeg Inc is governed by a board of directors and a set of bylaws for more info visit

The mandate of the organization includes promoting Eritrean culture in Manitoba, strengthening the Eritrean community, Foster good relations between Canada and Eritrea, fostering cooperation between community members and community organizations, preserve cultural heritage and history. The Eritrean community also  assists in  providing resettlement, addresses intergenerational issues and partners  with agencies, assist emerging Eritrean-Canadian youth with Cross-cultural issues, advocates  for immigrant youth and women, assists with special needs cases and is involved  addressing racism issues, and assisting with disaster relief when needed.

The Eritrean community comes from a geographical and geopolitical position in the world where Middle Eastern and African culture intersect with a Greco-Roman influence.  Eritrea is comprised of nine major ethnic groups, the Tigre, Tigrigna, Bilen, Saho, Rashiada, Nara, Kunama , Afar and Hidareb, each with diverse cultural traditions making for a rich and vibrant heritage.  Offering members from this community the opportunity to develop a voice through art video will provide a window into this world, enriching both their own community as well as the larger Canadian community.

Major cultural activities of the community
  1. Cultural celebrations
  2. Traditional music - dances and training.
  3. Contemporary Eritrean music - dances and training
  4. Cultural performances by the Eritrean-Canadian Youth Group In Manitoba -Folklorama
  5. Cultural performance of Eritrean-Canadian Women’s Group in Manitoba
  6. Promote sports activities
  7. Intergenerational classes for parents
  8. Community Cased Education for newcomers on parenting In Collaboration with Mount Carmel
  9. Organized and sponsored for 28 years the Eritrean Community Youth Soccer team
  10. Foods and cooking classes
  11. Traditional coffee ceremony performances at community level
  12. Yearly Memorial Day Commemoration at Assiniboine Park.
  13. Liberation day celebration
  14. Organizes 2-3 major Social events per year.
  15. Various social events
  16. Movie nights and Arts  promotion activities
  17. Organizes 4-6 family oriented picnics per year.

Major projects and community support programs and advocacy.
  1. Sponsoring refugees from war-torn areas
  2. Welcoming newcomers - providing support and assistance with resettlement
  3. Providing assistance for special refugee cases
  4. Assisting  refugee  women, specially emotionally traumatized refugee women
  5. Strengthening Eritrean families and addressing intergenerational issues
  6. Partner in The Community Based Education for families
  7. With Art Photography project for single headed families
  8. Young emerging artists Video Project
  9. Newcomers Educational after School Program
  10. Women’s coffee ceremony project.
11.   Assists and helps coordination of ACOMI Projects
12.   Organizes regular bi-monthly session on Occupational Health issues.
 Major partners
  1. Department of Labour and Immigration
  2. Welcome Place
  3. University of Manitoba
  4. Occupational Health Center
  5. Ethno-cultural Support Program
  6. Manitoba Interfaith Council
  7. Eritrean-Canadian Communities across Canada
  8. Various service providers to newcomers and refugee agencies
  9. Video Pool
10.  Winnipeg Arts Council
11. Manitoba Arts Council
12. Canada Arts Council
11. Founding member of the Coalition for Newcomers Youth Educational Support


Anonymous said...

These are masks for the covert operations Lambros and his clicks do in Winnipeg and Canada at large. They are also used as cash cows by requesting funds from the Tri-level Canadian governments. Lambros supports a terrorist funding, training and sponsoring government of Eritrea. He is the agent of the dictatorial regime and ardently works in amassing funds to the tyrant by coercing, intimidating and extorting Eritrean refugees who fled from the dictator in Eritrea. How is it possible a new comers helper be a devoted supporter of a dictator? The irony is he is keeping the refugee community hostage in executing his ultimate goal which is collecting funds by extorting 2% tax from the gross income of the refugees who hardly earn sufficient money to sustain living.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment. You've asked big questions which I hope will trigger some responses. There are lots going on that many of us who are not from war torn countries do not understand but the truth surfaces always. In the meantime keep on writing and talking about what you believe to be true.