Saturday, December 10, 2011

I am sick listening to the 5th Estate about Sexual Harassment of Female Officers

I am listening to the Fifth Estate  on CBC about the sexual harassment of some female officers in the RCMP. These women were manipulated by Mr. Robert Blundell into undercover work just to be later harassed by him. It appeared to be a well laid out plan and I find this despicable.
In the middle of  the adjudication  Mr. Peter German, RCMP superintendent offered a deal to cover up and make this bad, sad story go away
    The agreement was a white washed to protect the perpetrator. The matter was put to rest and the women knew nothing would change. Women in the police force as in the general area are seen as disposable and there for the pleasure of men and had no right to complain. It was part of their job, and that's the message I get from this.  Why would Mr. Blundell not be punished, why did McCormick pushed the matter under the carpet and continued business as usual.
An d for all he did what was the penalty - loss of one day's wages.
I think the whole bunch of these people should be kicked off the RCMP and lose their pension and everything because of the seriousness
Robert Blundell should not be allowed to work let alone be promoted in the ranks in spite of admitting sexual harassment of female officer.
How can an ordinary woman trust the RCMP to do the right thing by them when they cannot even protect their own women in the force against ruthless colleagues.
  There are about 8 women who have come forward with
Sgt Robert Blundell walked away from this complaint with a promotion and only one day lost wages. Quite a deal.  Would a woman do as well in situations of lesser importance? I don't think so.
The new RCMP Commissioner, Mr. Polsen does not seem to want to revisit the sexual harassment complaint of Mr. Blundell as far as he is concerned that matter is over but he said he is bound and determined to rid the RCMP of men like Blundell type, men who harass women.
   I don't know what needs to be said or done to make men more accountable for their harassing behaviours.  I think there should be immediate termination of a person's job if found guilty of sexual harassment in the workplace. There should be no second chances here and then I believe we might appear to be serious about crimes of these nature.
How can anyone perform a job working under these conditions. We all are at risk.

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