Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Margaret Pidlaski

She always had a smile on her face and you could tell she meant it.  When I read that she was the only survivor in a crash in Mexico 30 years ago and now she's the only one who died in this accident, makes me wonder was this one of those meaningful coincidence or synchronicity happening  or is it just a random thing?
   Thirty years ago was not her time so she lived or did she make a pact with God and told Him to give her some more time, maybe 30 years more and next time she will be ready.  Thirty years to the young Pidlaski would have seemed like a long time and that she'd be ready. But she was still young and vibrant at 57 years. She had so much more to live for and to give to the world. These incidences causes one to pause and think about life as whole.

While it is a sad event, I would say if she was to die anyway, I am sure glad she died doing something she was passionate about. I am glad she did not let fear cripple her from exploring the world again after her first accident. She lived and at the end of the day as I always remind folks it is not the years of life but the life in the years that really matters. From all accounts, Margaret packed a lot of life in her years. RIP my friend and colleague.

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