Friday, January 06, 2012

Woman Scammed in Rural Manitoba

I was sad to hear about the woman who was scammed by someone she met online. I was also a little upset with the woman for being so quick to dish out her money and send to someone she has never met. Where does common sense come into all this.
Are we so disconnected as a society that people will do anything to feel love? This is not to blame the woman as I am sure something like this could happen to anyone in a moment of weakness. I think we cannot depend or expect the Police to put these kinds of matters up as a priority when there are so many more pressing issues they have to deal with right here in Winnipeg.
   I think perhaps the Age and Opportunity and other organizations that deal with women especially should be doing more awareness work in this area.
   A person has a right to give their money to who ever they want to, this is a transaction of the heart. What about people who pretend to love you just long enough to get you in bed then leave? Are we going to call the police and call this rape? No. 
    If people have special needs and cannot make rational decisions then someone ought to look out for that person and pay attention to what they are doing on the Internet.
    I do not think that our police force ought to be caught up in these kinds of scams. People must take responsibility for themselves and make sure they do not give away money to strangers. We tell our children do not talk to strangers. We have to tell people do not give their money to strangers, unless they want to be be charitable and have no expectations from the person.
    It's a tough world and we have to be vigilant. We cannot have a police under every bed, by every phone or at every street corner. We have to do our part.

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