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More Funding for Public School

January 30, 2012


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Investing in Schools Builds Strong Foundations: Allan
The Manitoba government will increase funding for public schools by $25.5 million or 2.2 per cent in 2012-13 and expand successful new programs that are giving students more of the attention and support they need, Education Minister Nancy Allan announced today.
“These are challenging economic times for our province and for all Manitobans, but the best way to build for the future is to ensure our kids are getting a strong foundation in school and are ready for the challenges ahead of them,” said Allan.
The announcement made today will ensure that every school divisions’ funding will be protected as they will receive at least the same level of funding as last year and that several school divisions with added new pressures, including growing enrolment, will receive increases beyond the 2.2 per cent.
The minister noted this is the 13th year in a row the Manitoba government has funded schools at or above the rate of economic growth.  That represents an increase of 53.4 per cent or $411.6 million in additional funding since 1999.
“We all know that helping students succeed is also about improving the quality of education that they’re getting.  That’s why we’re targeting additional resources into programs that work,” said Allan.  “We’ve made reducing class sizes to give our students more attention in their early years a priority and we’re creating new supports for early literacy and numeracy programs because they’re producing results.”
The minister said that in addition to the $25.5 million, the province will also dedicate a further
$4 million this year to help school divisions begin reducing class sizes to 20 students in kindergarten to Grade 3.  Allan also noted that Manitoba’s Early Literacy Intervention programs will receive
$1 million in new resources and the Early Numeracy Initiative targeted towards students in kindergarten to Grade 4 will be expanded to included students up to Grade 8 with an approximate increase of $780,000.
“All parents want their children to succeed.  Now, more than ever, success depends on education.  A good education allows young people to write their own ticket in life,” Allan said.  “These targeted and strategic investments will ensure our students will get the skills they need for a successful future and a strong education system will ensure Manitoba continues to grow and thrive.”
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