Saturday, January 28, 2012

B B's on Corydon - Mystery Shopper's bad experience

Thank you for your dinner B B's. I have not met the owner but speaking to him on the phone, it appears he is a nice person.  I  was offered a coupon for a free dinner twice. The first time I let the date slip and forgot about it but another one showed up again and that lapsed as well.  I really wanted to see what this restaurant was about as I do tend to eat out quite frequently.  This second coupon lapsed again but after a phone call to the owner he told me I could use the coupon a day or two after itds expiry date. I was  thankful. I showed up today at around 3:30 p.m. and learned the coupon was for a free dinner and dinner started at 5:00 p.m. My mistake. However the waitress was quite cold and curt in pointing that out. And that seems to have started us off on the wrong foot. I was quite good about it, no problem, I was waiting on my friend to join me and she showed up and we decided that we'd have some  appies while waiting for dinner.
    I never felt so unwelcome by a waitress before. Unfortunately she was the only staff on duty and I could not substitute her for another.  There was no warmth, nothing - asking her a question was like pulling teeth, it made me feel like I was disturbing her. I have never had poorer service to be sure.
   My friend and I ate the appetizers which tasted like burnt eggplant but she assured us that's exactly how it was to taste "smokey eggplant". When it was time to order dinner. We ordered and had our dinner in good time but did she ever return to ask if the food was okay and if we need anything else? There was no service. My friend had to remark "she does not seem to like her job."
While the food was nothing to write home about, the decor was pleasant, modern, upscale and the jazz that piped through the restaurant made up for the poor service and cold shoulder and food.
    I think the restaurant has a lot of potential but if it is going to go anywhere the owner better send his staff to customer service school. A little smile, a little  softness can go a long way  in the business world.
    The food was 3 out of five and the ambiance 4 out of 5, the service -1 out of 5. 
I will probably return to this restaurant because although I have not met the owner, I like him just from talking to him over the phone. He seem to know something about customer appreciation.  When someone is nice to me I like to return the favour. Sorry buddy but the truth is the truth.

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