Monday, March 12, 2012

Watch the Money

March 9, 2012


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Third Quarter Financial Report Released
Finance Minister Stan Struthers today announced the 2012 budget will be presented on April 17 when the Manitoba legislature will resume sitting.
“Through the global downturn, we’ve worked to protect jobs and the services families count on, and our plan is working,” said Struthers.  “But the past year was also challenging with record flooding at home and uncertainty in economies everywhere.  Budget 2012 will tackle the challenges ahead of us with a balanced approach and by putting the priorities of families first.”
The minister said the government’s plan has produced an unemployment rate that is among the lowest in Canada, steady economic growth and a growing population.
He also announced a special warrant for $297.2 million has been approved to address additional expenditure requirements previously identified in the second Quarterly Financial Report for the 2011‑12 fiscal year.  The third quarter report, which is being released today, provides an update on the costs of the 2011 flooding.  The updated year-end forecast, excluding flood costs, shows a modest improvement over the second quarter report.
“The costs of last year’s flood were higher than most Manitobans imagined, as was the demand on family services and public safety,” said Struthers.  “In lean times, families look for ways to reduce their expenses and through our budget process, we will too.  We have a strong foundation to build on today and we will continue to put the priorities of families first.”
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