Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Violence against Women

We have been fighting this battle for some time now. Millions of dollars have been poured into counsellors, shelters, women's Centres and programming for women and many women have benefited with jobs, education and so on. Unfortunately, whatever we are doing is not working. More women are killed than before and I think it is time for a different plan.

Osborne House is using a death of another woman as justification for more funds to expand the shelter. Winnipeg do not need any more shelters. These women live in homes and they should not be leaving their homes to go to shelters. The men should be asked to leave and to continue to support their wives and they should be under strict surveillance by the police either with a tractable device or something that would tell the police where they are at any time.

We know that if a man is intent on killing his wife, the only thing that would protect the woman is if she is put under police protection for some time  e.g. if she lives in the City, then move to the country with her children and carry on. The police nor shelters cannot adequately protect women and their children. There is something missing in this game plan.

Women need to be able to protect themselves. Instead of putting women in shelters, women should be taught self defense as a serious strategy to protecting them and their children. A person who is confident and who can protect themselves against bullies have less chances of being bullied. If when a man raises his hand to hit a woman and she could land him on his behind with a karate or judo punch. He will think twice about doing so next time.  It is the reason why men do not fight other men - they are scared they would be whupped.

It's madness to do the same thing and expect different results.  If a woman is being abused and she chooses to return to that situation, she knows what she is going back to and she should have the right to do so. Hopefully she would choose not to.

I think the entire family violence machinery needs an overhaul and fast because more women will die with what we have.

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