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March 5, 2012


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Soybean Export to China Leads Way to Opening of New Markets for Manitoba: Bjornson
With its first shipment of soybeans to China today, CentrePort Canada is well on its way to becoming a cornerstone of the Manitoba economy, Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade Minister Peter Bjornson, announced today.
“I congratulate CentrePort and its partners on this historic day,” Bjornson said.  “This is but the first step in meeting the vision shared by the private sector and governments to create a dynamic transportation hub linking Winnipeg to the rest of the world.”
CentrePort Canada Inc. today launched a pilot project to export 250 tonnes of soybeans from Manitoba to China by container, utilizing new radio frequency identification technology (RFID) to ensure the security and quality of the shipment.
The pilot project involves CentrePort, Canadian National Railway, Delmar Commodities, Minsheng International Freight Co. and Invent IOT Technology, which invented the RFID technology.  This technology will be used to track cargo from central Canada to inland and western China.
“This is an example of how CentrePort is already opening new doors for Manitoba companies and increasing trade for the province,” Bjornson said.  “Future shipments could include the full range of products from our agriculture, manufacturing and resource sectors, as CentrePort explores the possibilities of adding new products to this supply chain.”
CentrePort Canada is a private, sector-led corporation created by provincial legislation in 2008 to develop and promote an inland port to build on Manitoba’s well-established infrastructure network of air, rail, trucking and sea routes, Bjornson said, adding it covers 20,000 acres and is the first in the country to offer investors single-window access to foreign trade-zone benefits.
“Today’s historic shipment shows that CentrePort is already a success story,” Bjornson said.  “This is only possible because of the strong partnership between the private sector and the three levels of government.  We know the corporation is going to build on the strength of this partnership and generate a lot of economic activity for Manitoba.”
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