Monday, June 13, 2011

Winnipegger Maiko Watson in 88 Days of Fortune's -Wylin on the Island Festival

A group of 21 artists of several genres have gotten together again for the second annual festival where artists get to show their stuff and get paid for it.  This is one of the ways these artists are using to get their gigs and  art out to the general public without waiting for handouts and opportunities for those who are more fortunate than they or who pulls the purse strings. Some of those strings are brutal and make all kinds of judgements of what art deserves to be funded and what do not meet their criteria.
This is an enterprising initiative that ought to be supported.
The event "Wylin on the Island" in Toronto last Sunday 11th was well attended and from all accounts people had a great time in spite of the weather.

Read all about the group and their various activities throughout the year. Be sure to give your support  to the small guys and gals out there.

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