Thursday, June 09, 2011

Oh those pesky critters

Most people in Manitoba have had to deal with critters in their roof, in their gardens and in their kitchens. And we hate them with a vengeance. As soon as we see any mice droppings, we are up for a battle. We run to Poulin and get the deadliest forms of poisons or stuff to take mice onto sheets of sticky paper. We want them gone. Then there is the raucous in the attic by squirrels who move in and then decide to have late nights or early morning parties much to our chagrin. These things are horrible. If you have money, you call the specialists to get rid of them or change your eaves trough to make them critter proof but for those who cannot find the money immediately, they have to try the home made remedies.
Here's an article that might give you some perspectives and tip on this problem

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