Thursday, October 22, 2009

Message from Manitoba's new Premier, Mr. Greg Selinger

Anywhere you go in our province, you will see why Manitobans are understandably proud of where they live. Our unique mixture of people, culture, history, arts and nature is a source of inspiration and energy.The warmth of our people and the community spirit that nurtures our cultural diversity helped build Manitoba’s reputation as a welcoming society - small enough to remember its roots and large enough to realize its potential on the world stage.Propelled by an unmistakable spirit of innovation and possibility, Manitoba businesses are capitalizing on our highly skilled workforce, untapped renewable energy potential, dynamic economy and low Hydro electric rates to reach their fullest potential.In Manitoba, we are also fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy many natural wonders, from abundant, captivating cottage country to world-famous ecotourism vacation spots.I invite you to explore this website and discover our spirited energy for yourself. This excellent overview of Manitoba is rich in valuable information about the many programs and services that give us great momentum - our people, our industry, our province. Enjoy!
Greg Selinger Premier
Congratulations Mr. Premier, I have many friends who are pleased with this appointment because there are many immigrant women in Manitoba who have worked with Mr. Selinger and were taught by him in their Social Work Program at University of Manitoba.
I am sure that expectations will be high. I hope that Mr. Selinger do a little bit more to help organizations that promote multiculturalism and diversity rather than focusing on cultural silos.
As a province with more diversity than most, it is paramount that the cultures come together in unity in cross-cultural and intercultural activities. This should always be the priority of Canada so that we can break down barriers for good. I think we have done a great job breaking down barriers between immigrants and the mainstream but we have to put equal vigor in breaking down barriers within and between ethnic groups.
Thank you and may your reign be successful.

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