Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Africa They Never Show You.

So many people have misconceptions about Africa and what it looks like. This beautiful video which is worth watching if you want to see what Africa's cities look like. Enjoy this photo journey and share it with those who need to know that the real Africa is not all jungle, famine, sickness and war. Click on this video link below:

YouTube - (My Love & Pride) The Africa They Never Show You.

Response to video by Winnipegger:

Much resspect to you Frank. But........let me address a few buts. But we Africans are aware of all this, so this is preaching to the Knowledgeable, But many other people may also know of this and choose to ignore it. But their intent may be to keep the majority in ignorance to perpetuare their deception on the majority. But they still wish to keep us characterized as primitive, uncivilized animals, who need their leadership to emerge to co-exist with them. Maybe they are right; because all we have demonstrated here is the ability to MIMIC them....adopting their style and content. We should be forging our own path. Don't forget we built the Pyramids, Developed Agriculture and Animal we are seen as Nothing but Followers and Neo-colonialists. What do YOU think. In Love and Unity R

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