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Skip the Dishes to Create New Jobs

June 5, 2014


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Training, Tax Credit Support for Sophisticated New Technology Secures Good Jobs, Training Opportunities for Manitobans: Minister Oswald

The Manitoba government and SkipTheDishes announced today the company will undertake a major expansion that will establish their national headquarters in Winnipeg and create 93 local jobs, said Jobs and the Economy Minister Theresa Oswald and Josh Simair, founder and chief executive officer for SkipTheDishes. 

“Our government is focused on creating good jobs and training opportunities so young Manitobans have every opportunity to build their future here at home, and this partnership is a good example of what we’re doing with to achieve that,” said Minister Oswald.  “Josh Simair and his team at SkipTheDishes represent a new generation of tech-savvy entrepreneurs who are creating products and services people want, which is helping drive our steady economic growth.”

SkipTheDishes provides door-to-door delivery service from more than 500 restaurants across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, with an expansion into British Columbia currently underway.  The company uses a sophisticated proprietary algorithm dispatch system that enables it to process thousands of orders at performance levels that exceed industry standards ensuring food arrives on time and hot.  It also includes an easy online payment and tipping system.

The new Winnipeg-based jobs will include operations managers, dispatchers, marketing and graphics, IT operators and developers, human resources, administrative support and accounting. Pay will range from $30,000 to 90,000 per year. Delivery drivers are subcontracted and not included in the 93 new jobs announced today.

“Our Winnipeg corporate headquarters will support our algorithmic food-delivery dispatch technology – the key driver behind’s exponential growth and market-leading position,” said Simair.  “The support we’ve received in Manitoba for our growing Canadian technology company has helped us establish SkipTheDishes as a leader in the exciting space of online food delivery.”

The Manitoba government is supporting the SkipTheDishes expansion, securing its national headquarters in Winnipeg with an investment of $300,000 through the Industry Expansion and Workforce Development program.  This support will help the company restructure, train 93 new hires and 25 existing staff, and position it well for a sustainable future here in Manitoba, Minister Oswald said.  In addition, the province is providing $25,000 through the Commercialization Support for Business (CSB) program to help further develop the company’s proprietary technology and $77,000 through the Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit program. 

“SkipTheDishes has worked very well for us at Shawarma Khan,” said Obby Khan, owner, Shawarma Khan Restaurant and the Green Juice Company, and SkipTheDishes client.  “An efficient delivery service is an important part of keeping my customers happy.  SkipTheDishes has made deliveries a snap, which has allowed me to focus on growing my business.”

SkipTheDishes was founded by brothers Josh and Chris Simair out of the need for better online food delivery in Western Canada.  The company currently employs over 40 people and works with over 100 food couriers to deliver foods from restaurants to customers in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Red Deer and now Calgary.

Simair said SkipTheDishes is very appreciative of the support received from Yes! Winnipeg including specific information on why Winnipeg was the best choice to locate its national headquarters and arranging key connections to secure workforce and suppliers, and support from the province.

Initial provincial support for SkipTheDishes came from the CSB program, which helps Manitoba businesses seeking to develop and commercialize innovative products, processes and expansion into new markets.  The program may help entrepreneurs at any stage of the business development cycle.

Based on advice received from businesses participating in the CSB program, Minister Oswald also announced changes to streamline the program and improve its ability to help businesses grow.  The program will:

  • ensure that 90 per cent of applications under Stream 1 (commercialization) will be processed within 21 days;
  • streamline the application review process with a single point-of-contact for business;
  • simplify the program by reducing the number of streams to four from seven;
  • double maximum funding under Stream 1 (commercialization) to $50,000 from $25,000; and
  • lift the 10 per cent in-kind contributions limit from the applicant business.

“Entrepreneurs know what they need to succeed and we have listened,” said Minister Oswald. “We are reducing red tape and streamlining programs designed to help Manitoba businesses grow and create jobs.”

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