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Expansion of Nutrition Program for Manitoba Sschools

June 5, 2014


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Providing New Funding to Help Provide More Healthy Food for School-aged Children: Minister Allum

The Manitoba government is strengthening its partnership with the Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba (CNCM) by providing new funding to help support more nutrition programs for school-aged children across the province, Education and Advanced Learning Minister James Allum announced today.

“The council strengthens the health and well-being of children and youth in Manitoba schools through education, advocacy and nutrition program support,” said Minister Allum.  “This new funding will ensure they can continue to provide this important service.  Nutritious food helps to feed the mind and body, and by working together we can ensure it remains accessible in schools around the province.”

The Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba is a charitable organization based in Manitoba.  Since 2001, it has supported nutrition programs and raised awareness about the need for food and nutrition policies in schools.  Its work with the province has resulted in increased access to healthy food for school-age children and youth through breakfast and snack programs.

The additional $450,000 in new funding will help the CNCM to engage with high-need school nutrition programs and provide support that will allow for the development of new programs, the minister said.

“It’s because of this critical investment in daily nutrition that thousands of children and youth in Manitoba will be healthier and better prepared to learn, succeed and reach their full potential,” said Viola Prowse, executive director, CNCM.  “An additional benefit to communities is the positive relationships that are built between participants, school staff and volunteers.”

The province has been helping the CNCM to support 177 nutrition programs and 48 vegetable and fruit snack programs throughout the province since 2008 including:

  • 21 programs with First Nations and the Frontier School Division;
  • 78 rural programs (and urban outside Winnipeg);
  • 62 Winnipeg programs;
  • nine alternative programs;
  • seven summer learning and after-school programs; and

“This new funding will help ensure students start their days off right with healthy food to prepare them for learning,” said Healthy Living and Seniors Minister Sharon Blady.  “Through nutrition programs, more children and youth can experience a healthy approach to breakfast or snack foods and gain food skills and confidence that can also be shared at home.”

“Dalhousie School recognizes our important role in nutrition education and learning,” said Marina Wilson, principal.  “We support all of our families by ensuring students are given the opportunity to participate in our nutrition program for breakfast and snacks.  Nutrition and hydration are essential parts of the foundation for a student’s healthy living, growth and development for learning.”

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