Thursday, April 17, 2014

April 17, 2014


The Government of Manitoba has introduced amendments to the Labour Relations Act that would help ensure Manitoba Labour Board decisions are issued within a reasonable time frame, Labour and Immigration Minister Erna Braun announced today.

“We want to ensure that labour board hearings and decisions happen in a timely manner so the parties involved can put disputes behind them and move forward,” said Minister Braun.  “These amendments will help make the labour board more responsive to workers and employers by putting in place a mandatory time frame for hearings and decisions.”

The Manitoba Labour Board hears a variety of matters including complaints of unfair labour practices, applications for certification and decertification of unions, determination of successor rights, settlements of collective agreements and decisions regarding ratification votes.

“Delays in making determinations on these matters can undermine the labour management process,” said Minister Braun.  “This legislation builds on new measures the labour board is instituting including hiring for the new position of executive director, expanding its use of mediation and holding pre-hearing conferences.”

The amendments would require the board to set out a time frame for decisions following the conclusion of a hearing on complaints, applications or other referrals to the board and would set rules and procedures respecting the time frames of hearings on applications for certification or decertification of a union as bargaining agents for a group of employees.  It would also require the board to review any regulations it has made under the act at least once every six years, the minister added.

The proposed legislation is supported unanimously by the Manitoba Labour Management Review Committee, which includes representatives of labour unions and employers.

“The labour board has been making positive strides in introducing policies to improve efficiency of board processes,” said the minister.  “These changes demonstrate a commitment to making such improvements an ongoing function of the board.”

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