Thursday, February 06, 2014

Upcoming Events

A reminder that IIWR-Manitoba welcomes you to a general meeting on Monday, February the 10th, from 5:30 pm to 9:00, Room 2M 70 at the University of Winnipeg. We are pleased that Diane Redsky will be joining us to speak on "Sex Trafficking in Canada - an Update from Diane Redsky". Ms Redsky is the executive coordinator of the National Task Force on Trafficking of Women and Girls in Canada. All are welcome. There will be an opportunity to catch up too on the work of IIWR-M and hear about plans for the future. IIWR-M is a member of the steering committee for the UN Safe Cities initiative, and we will update you about that work. We also have an Advocacy Committee, and we will report on what they have been up to. Looking forward to seeing you there! There are other programs planned - a Conversation Cafe at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, from 6 to 9 pm, February 20th, in conjunction with a special exhibit - Off the Beaten Pat: Art and Violence. IIWR-M will be part of the panel. You must register in advance by calling 204.789.1290 or email There are refreshments, and it is free of charge. February 24th promises to be a very interesting program on "What the Niqab Bans Tell Us About Sex and Secularism", with Dr. Jennifer Selby. At the U of W, Eckhardt-Gramatee, from 7:30 to 9:00. All are welcome. Lots of time for questions and discussion. This program is in conjunction with IIWR Global College, IIWR Manitoba, and the Department of Religion and Culture. The list of programs with dates are attached. Note the very special Local to Global 2014: A New Age is Dawning for Every Mother's Daughter - with Sally Armstrong, May 9th, 7 to 9, at the Viscount Gort. This promises to be a wonderful evening and we hope you will be part of it. Reminder - check us out on facebook - Thanks everyone for your interest and support, Mary IIWR-Manitoba 971 Corydon Ave., PO Box 273, Winnipeg, MB., R3M 0Y0. facebook: https://www.f

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