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Possible Error in your Taxation Statement

February 6, 2014


Manitoba Finance advises approximately 35 statements for retail sales taxation accounts in arrears may have been included in the envelopes for other businesses in error.

These account statements display the business name, address, account number and amount of retail sales tax in arrears.

Once this error was discovered, immediate action was taken to find the cause and correct it and provide notification to account holders.  The province also contacted the provincial ombudsman’s office to notify it of the situation to get the office’s advice about an appropriate plan for notifying affected businesses.

There are no concerns if a business only received the statement for their business. However, Manitoba Finance is directly notifying all businesses that may be affected.

If a business owner has not received a statement or has received a statement along with one concerning another business, they are asked to contact Manitoba Finance at 204-945-5603 or 1‑800‑782‑0318 (toll-free) immediately.

Anyone with concerns about whether their personal information might have been affected can also contact the provincial ombudsman by:

  • mail:  750 - 500 Portage Ave. (Colony Square), Winnipeg, MB  R3C 3X1;
  • phone:  204-982-9130 or 1-800-665-0531 (toll-free);
  • fax:  204-942-7803; or
  • email:

Manitoba Finance states the confidentiality of tax information is taken very seriously.  It apologizes for this error and continues to investigate the situation.

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