Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Reminder Greenhouse-gas emissions ban takes effect in the New Year

December 23, 2013 REMINDER THAT COAL, PETROLEUM COKE HEATING BAN TAKES EFFECT JAN. 1 – – – Ban Designed to Cut Greenhouse-gas Emissions Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship reminds Manitobans that, earlier this year, the provincial government introduced North America’s first petroleum coke and coal heating ban. Because coal burning is a significant contributor to climate change, Manitoba is banning the use of coal for space heating. Other fuel, such as locally available biomass or other forms of green heat like geothermal energy, can be substituted for coal to help the environment and the economy. Petroleum coke is derived from oil refining and, while it has been used as an alternative to coal, it is also a significant contributor to climate change. It is being banned as well. Key elements of the ban include: •as of Jan. 1, coal and petroleum coke will be prohibited from being used as space-heating fuels; •North America’s first coal heating ban will be phased in beginning Jan. 1, with a grace period up to July 1, 2017, if an approved conversion plan is filed by June 30, 2014; •anyone who has not submitted conversion plans by June 30, 2014, or does not implement their plans by June 30, 2017, may face a fine; and •conversion plans must identify the new energy source, provide details on new equipment or modification to existing equipment, set out proposed timelines for conversion and provide details on the amount of coal or petroleum coke used in previous years. To help people move from coal to other heating sources, Manitoba has introduced the Biomass Energy Support Program. The program provides financial assistance to coal users and biomass processors as they transition towards bio-based energy systems and supply chains. Manitoba has three to five million tonnes of biomass available annually. Since the emissions tax on coal was announced in 2011 and the pending ban on coal heating was introduced, many small coal users have already made the switch to alternatives or have plans to do so. It is expected that the ban will reduce emissions by 50,000 to 100,000 tonnes, the equivalent of taking between 10,000 and 20,000 cars off the road. For more information, the Coal and Petroleum Coke Ban for Space Heating Regulation can be viewed at This initiative is part of Tomorrow Now – Manitoba’s Green Plan, designed to build a green economy while protecting the environment. More information on Tomorrow Now is available at: - 30 -

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