Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Federal Minister James Moore raises the Ire of Social Workers

Even though people might try to hide who they are and what their true values are behind the facade of nice clothes and smooth words, the universe has a way of revealing secrets when we least expect. Take the words of Federal Industry Minister James Moore, who said he is not responsible for feeding his neighbour's children. Although we say often that it takes a village to raise a child, that principle is not entrenched in our consciousness most of the times. Many of us do believe that everyone is responsible for feeding, clothing and housing their own children on their own notwithstanding the facts that sometimes even a person's best efforts. I believe Minister Moore was not being insensitive, he was speaking his truth and everyone is entitled to his or her truth. If you do not believe in that truth, if you believe we have to help raise the children of Canada because they are our own, they are the future workforce, the future doctors, lawyers, public servants and they deserve every chance to succeed, then you use the power of your vote to speak your truth. I believe that we have to have paradigm shift when it comes to children. We must see them as belonging to the world and not to individuals whom the universe has used to express itself. They come into the world for a reason and to teach us again and again how to be a human family and not a nuclear disaster. While I disagree with Mr. Moore's position I will defend his right to speak his truth and he should not be asked to apologise for thinking the way he does. There's really no right or wrong, just energy and vibration. When Moore's vibration lifts so will his beliefs.

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